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(By: Raman Verma)

Gone are the days when people had to wait for a longer period of time to receive a letter from their kith and kin. Besides, they had to spend a good amount in order to communicate with them. It is 21st century now wherein we have shifted ourselves from superannuated computers to high end mobiles and others gadgets. Now, it is needless to look at our call’s duration while talking to someone abroad or to worry about our monthly bills. In this era of technology, we have the options of making video calls, audio calls and even to chat that is altogether free of cost and within everyone’s reach. All we need is a data pack, and a 3G or 4G enabled phone. On the other hand, we have also seen a steep rise in cybercrimes like cyber bullying, hike in online suicidal cases, & selfie accidents and communal riots because of these sites.

Such obnoxious content is getting viral rapidly and reaching every nook and corner and the civilized section of the society. Undoubtedly, these sites are flawless and commonly used, but they too have some demerits. Students keep on adhering to & updating themselves on these sites like Facebook, Whatsapp and many more which results in wastage of lot of time & energy. Their continuous staring at their mobile phones weakens their eye sight and affects their studies as well as their grades and percentage. We should always remember that “Excess of everything is bad” therefore, it becomes our moral duty to use such sites and make the most of it. On the contrary, we should use them for a limited period of time and only when required. So, use them but not misuse.

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