Article on E-Governance for Class X, XI & XII

E-Governance: Need of the Hour

E-governance means Government or delivery of national or local government information and services through Internet and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to citizens or businesses or other Governmental agencies. There are basically 3 type of e-Governance channel such as; Government to Government, Government to Business & Government to Citizens.

There are many characteristics of e-governance like there is no intermediation, 24*7 service availability, better audit trail etc. In addition to this, fast and timely service delivery, transparency and corruption free service are the other two major benefits of this governance.

Nowadays, there are many schemes and platforms launched by Government wherein citizens can take government services through internet e.g. Jeevan Pramasan- an Aadhar based systems for pensioners, Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance (UMANG) – platform for citizens to access more than 200 e-Governance services from the Centre, States and even local bodies.

Apart from its benefits to citizens, government, too, has also many advantages of e-Governance like lesser work, less infrastructure requirement to provide the services to citizens and business and many more. Hence, to promote the e-government, many initiatives like ‘Digital India Programme’, ‘Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan’ and launch of ‘National e-Governance Plan’ have been taken by the Government.

Despite such advantages and programmes launched by government, there are many issue likes low network connectivity, digital illiteracy in rural areas, which still need to be tackled for smooth and better delivery of government services. However, People of rural and remote areas are the major beneficiary of e-Governance. Now they don’t need to visit the Government office located in cities for availing the benefits of such services, now they have access to many of the same at their door step and it saves their time and money too.


Courtesy : Mr. Ompal Yadav


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