Don’t Be Afraid to Come Out, Fly as High as Possible : Article

LIFE is a whirlpool of incidents. The more you pay attention to them, the more tornadoes pull you in. Sometimes, we can be socially dormant or awkward because of our personality. We think that we need to dig in a hole, explore the treasure and scatter to people. But truth is very few people dust their splendid ideas. People do not have guts to represent and accept what they really are. There are also self esteem issues. They feel like a sinking boat in the middle of nowhere. Inferiority dominates, thirst of appreciation prevails, enrages desperation and then silence wanders around. Seeking for satisfaction that never comes because of certainty of perpetual thoughts. But it is rightly said “Don’t let your past experiences define you. The only thing that matters is HOW YOU RISE AFTER FALLING.

Don't be afraid
Don’t be afraid

There are many spooking episodes in our life. But it is alright. Something magnificent still waits. So be patient and unveil the jewels of your personality. It is truly our choice to be who we are. We are the creators of our own world NOT THE CIRCUMSTANCES. We can be uncomplicated, free, lucid, happy and energized. So make your choice today. You choose day one or one day. You have so much in you that you underestimate, so, don’t let it be superfluous. Come out of your shell. This world is incredibly beautiful or miserably sluggish depending on how YOU WANT IT TO BE. Talk; speak otherwise who will know you exist? When will you ooze the water from well and allocate in the village. Time has come. Don’t faze out.

There is a great quote by Brook Hampton. It goes something like this…

“I found my happy place the day I stopped comparing myself to everyone else and embraced that I am strange as fuck and oddly out of place & I kinda dig it that way. MY WEIRDNESS IS MY MAGIC.


Courtesy: Surucha Arora


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