Essay on Importance of Mother in English | Class 8 | Class 9 | Class 10 |


Essay on Importance of Mother in English | Class 8 | Class 9 | Class 10 |

Importance of Mother

(By: Happy Bansal)

Mother is the second form of God and as it rightly said that “God could not be everywhere, therefore he made mother”. She is only one who works round the clock without any complaint. She is backbone of every family and she always takes care of each and sundry members in the family. She always eats at last, however, her works start before anyone in the family wakes up and ends when her family sleeps. Sometimes she scolds her child but only for child’s better future.

Moreover she always tries her level best to make her child reach at the peak and for his/her success, she does this not for her self-interest but for her child’s future. She is only one who loves her child the most. She does not want anything in lieu of it. She always takes cares of his family members, and sometime when she gets ill she ignores her health and works as she is perfectly fine. Mother is one who reduces all the burden of her family members and she is one who always supports his/her child in every situation. She loves her all children equally without any difference and her love is priceless, everlasting and innocent.

She regularly brings happiness to the family. She is the only one who makes House as “home”. In the absence of mother the house became silent and there is no happiness at all. Her feeling towards every family member cannot be expressed. She is the perfect definition of God. Some children ignore and even do not respect their mother and get realized only when they lost their mother or when they live alone without their mother. As it rightly said that “We do not have values of things which we have but we have value of only thing which we do not have”. Therefore mother is most valuable gift as she loves, cares, supports and helps to overcome problems of his/her child etc. Her presence to our life gives a great impact and we should also love, respect and always listen to each and every word of her. At last, we can say that no one in this world can take the place of a mother.

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