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Five Lessons That COVID 19 Taught Us

Everyone is undergoing hard times ever since this Covid-19 came into existence and started turning the lives of humans upside down. From the loss of beloved ones to a hefty cut in salaries, unbearable mental stress to hospitalization of loved ones, complete locking down of business to worry of earning two square meal per day and what not. We all have suffered a lot during this treacherous period and lost someone or the other. On the contrary, the best part of this Covid-19 is, we have got to learn many valuable lessons from this that can change our lives altogether if followed sincerely. Let us tell you what we have learnt from this pandemic.

Being Grateful

During this pandemic, the first thing we have got to learn is the value of gratitude. We have started valuing the things and being grateful to what we have no matter how significant it is, be it our good health, the food we eat, roof over our head, to live among those whom we love, oxygen to breathe, friends who support, and every other thing that we have with us or not with us during this pandemic. As a result, we have stopped wasting the things aimlessly that we did before and started valuing the things we are surrounded by.


Five Lessons That Covid-19 Taught Us

Importance of Adaptation

The second thing that we have learnt during this pandemic is importance of Adaptation. We have adapted to staying at home from being outgoing, switched to WFH (Work from Home) to working in an office space, started learning/teaching online from being offline, and commenced spending time with families rather than ignoring or keeping them aside and partying outside. People who did not believe in changing themselves, had to alter their working styles completely and undergo a massive change. There are end number of other things that we adapted to during this tough time.

Helping Other is helping Ourselves

Helping Others is helping ourselves: The third thing that we have learnt during this pandemic is, helping others is helping ourselves. We have, quite early, realised that we all are interconnected. Even the absence of anyone at home is making us feel lonely and despondent. Earlier, we did favours to our employees/workers/maids giving them advance payment or allowing them to take leaves but now the entire scenario is changed. We, ourselves are letting them go or take off from their jobs for we have come to know how important they are to not only us but their families too. More importantly, their salaries are not being cut off for being absent. We have understood that how much we are attached to them and dependent on them for their services. In fact, we have realised that we are nothing without them.

Value of Natural Resources

The fourth and the best thing happened to us during this pandemic is, we have started valuing the trees and the so-called free-of-cost oxygen that they exhale for us. Having seen the scarcity of oxygen in the hospitals and dying people there, one thing is obvious to all that we need to plant more and more trees and bring them up with the same energy and optimism that we use for our children. Besides, it becomes our moral duty to conserve our natural resources be it water or oxygen. This reminds us of a quote “We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers but borrowed it from our children.”

Money is Secondary and Power is a Myth

The last but the most important thing that we have learnt is that money is secondary. People who believed that money is primary, have, all of a sudden, switched themselves to a good health, exercises than earning more and more money. we have seen, hundreds of people sitting outside the leading hospitals with briefcase of money and cheque books in their hands begging for beds, ICUs and Ventilators for saving their loved ones life but, to their surprise, no one is interested in their minted money. All everyone wants is to survive no matter whether he is rich or hand-to-mouth. Besides, people in power, have too realised that power can’t get them a bed in a hospital or oxygen to breathe and it is all a myth nothing else.

We should not be grieved at what is happening around us rather learn from those things. Do remember that we are merely players of a stage who have different roles, we have to play the characters and leave the stage one day or the other. Be optimistic and adapt the changes around you.

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