Skill Based Education In India | Article | Class 12 | English |


Skill Based Education In India | Article | Class 12 | English | 

Skill-Based Education In India

(By : Twinkle Rao )

Education is a process of receiving or imparting systematic instructions especially at a school or college. It is a procedure of forwarding the skills, moral values, knowledge, positive approach and ethical values. 

Unfortunately, it is related only to good grades and higher college degrees by most of us. One who scores the highest marks in any of the grades, is considered to be the ‘Best’ and often publicized and showered praises in local newspapers under the exaggerated headlines of ‘School Topper’ of ‘District Topper’ or ‘State Topper’ to lure more and more admissions no matter he has ability to transmute his skills into monetization or not. For most of us, rote-learning is more important than researching and analyzing the content in-depth which is perpetually leading to more number of unemployed youth in India.

Skill development among students or youth of our country is the best contraceptive to ever-increasing unemployment in our country. Besides, practicality and prompt monetization of education, a mandatory chapter for all the classes,  must be taught at both school and college levels. Once, they commence transmuting their skills into money, the so-called stigma (Unemployment) would disappear in a matter of days.

This sort of education allows us to think out of the box and give rise to innovative skills. people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg who hardly topped their classes, turned out to be billionaires and managed to employ highest-marks getters and top-degree holders like us. Little knowledge of a subject may lead to good scores and grades but its lack of awareness may lead to unpredicted disasters. 

Government of India has taken a crucial step towards implementing the practical education introducing the ‘New Education Policy’ wherein students can opt subjects as per their choice not out of compulsion. It aims to teach students about life skills and detecting solution towards  the life challenges. Therefore, we should know the practicality of education and instill the same values in others.

‘First learn then Earn’

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