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We Become What We Eat

( By : T . P Jain )

“Our body is a subtly modulated vehicle, give it a good fuel and it will take you to the spot. ” 

Eating is an essential part of one’s life which is thoroughly enjoyed by most of us. Starting from heavily-loaded and stuffed parathas in the morning to creamy and sticky Butter Naan at night, no matter whatever comes to us, we welcome them with open arms and let our taste buds enjoy them as much as they can irrespective of the damage they do to our body.

We all, very well, know that our body is made up of what we offer it to eat. If we offer it positive food daily, it becomes positive and brings optimism in our lives whereas if we offer it grouchy food, it becomes grouchy. The difference is quite clear, one who eats too much spicy food is usually aggressive in nature and finds ways to spit his anger on others. On the other hand, one who eats boiled food is often found to be extremely calm and composed. Sensible is one who knows the link between food and mind and the impact the former has on latter. 

Healthy food prevents us from the risk of heart and other chronological diseases. It boosts up our mind to stay active and guards us from brain diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia . It sharpens our memory balances our mood swings and enhances focus. On the other hand, unhealthy or too much spicy food  kill out brain cells an reduce our ability to think. Some of these food are; refined carbs, sugary and aerated drinks, alcohol, highly processed foods etc. An unhealthy diet may result in  damaged organs, obesity, loss of memory, organs failure, poor digestion problem, and what not.

A balanced diet can play a very crucial role in maintaining our health since it contains proper amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals required not only for the smooth functioning of our body but for the heart also, Therefore, we must be very particular while choosing food for it has direct connection to our brain if we want to stay, fit and mentally strong.

Always have Happy Food for Happy Mood !

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