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Extracts of the Rattrap by Selma Lagerlof

Extract 1

1. He made them himself at odd moments, from the material he got by begging in the stores or at the big farms. But even so, the business was not especially profitable, so he had to resort to both begging and petty thievery to keep body and soul together. Even so, his clothes were in rags, his cheeks were sunken, and hunger gleamed in his eyes. No one can imagine how sad and monotonous life can appear to such a vagabond, who plods along the road, left to his own meditations…

a) Name the chapter
The Third Level
The Enemy
The Rattrap

b) What is the synonym of the word ‘Petty’ from the following?
• Small
• Of little importance
• Petit
• All of these

c) What does the phrase ‘Keep body and soul together’?mean?
• Stay alive
• Stay optimistic
• Stay pessimistic
• None of these

d) Name the author of this chapter.
• Gertrude Simmons Bonnin
• William Douglas
• Pearl S.Buck
• Selma Lagerlof


A. All of these

B. All of these C. Stay alive

D. Selma Lagerlof


Extract 2

2. The world had, of course, never been very kind to him, so it gave him unwonted joy to think ill of it in this way. It became a cherished pastime of his, during many dreary ploddings, to think of people he knew who had let themselves be caught in the dangerous snare, and of others who were still circling around the bait. One dark evening as he was trudging along the road he caught sight of a little gray cottage by the roadside, and he knocked on the door to ask shelter for the night.

a) What does the word ‘Unwonted’ mean?
• Unusual
• Safe
• Unsafe
• Good

b) What did the rattrap seller compare the world with?
• Rattrap
• Cage of moldings
• Earth
• None of these

c) Who sheltered him that night?
• Crofter
• Ironmaster
• Blacksmith
• Edla Willmanson

d) Which literary device has been used in ‘This world is nothing but a rattrap’?


A.      The Rattrap

B.      Rattrap C.      Crofter

D.      Metaphor

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Extract 3

3. Now that he was no longer able to do day labour, it was his cow which supported him. Yes, that bossy was extraordinary. She could give milk for the creamery every day, and last month he had received all of thirty kronor in payment. The stranger must have seemed incredulous, for the old man got up and went to the window, took down a leather pouch which hung on a nail in the very window frame, and picked out three wrinkled ten-kronor bills. These he held up before the eyes of his guest, nodding knowingly, and then stuffed them back into the pouch.

a) Who is ‘He’ in the first line?
• Peddler
• Ironmaster
• Crofter
• Blacksmith

b) What does the crofter do with the milk?
• Consumed himself
• Supplied to dairy
• Sold it to the people nearby
• Stored it for cheese

c) Kronor is a currency of ……..
• Venice
• Sweden
• Australia
• Zimbabwe

d) What is the antonym of the word ‘Incredulous’?
• Unbelievable
• Believable
• Ridiculous
• Ravishing


A. Crofter

B.  Supplied to dairy C. Sweden

D. Unbelievable


Extract 4

4. He realised, of course, that at first he dared not continue on the public highway, but must turn off the road, into the woods. During the first hours this caused him no difficulty. Later in the day it became worse, for it was a big and confusing forest which he had gotten into. He tried, to be sure, to walk in a definite direction, but the paths twisted back and forth so strangely! He walked and walked without coming to the end of the wood, and finally he realised that he had only been walking around in the same part of the forest.

a) Why did the peddler choose woods instead of public highway?
• For he was afraid of police
• For he was afraid of being caught by sheriffs
• For he was scared of being arrested
• All of these

b) What did he realize after walking for long?
• That he was smart
• That he was ensnared
• That he would go through the forest after sometime
• All of these

c) What kind of forest was that?
• Perplexing
• Orienting
• Straight-forward
• None of these

d) How many kronors had he stolen from the crofter’s home?
• 30
• 40
• 50
• 35


A.  All of these B.  That he was ensnared C.  None of these

D.  30

Extract 5

5. ‘‘Those are the hammer strokes from an iron mill’’, he thought. ‘‘There must be people nearby’’. He summoned all his strength, got up, and staggered in the direction of the sound. The Ramsjo Ironworks, which are now closed down, were, not so long ago, a large plant, with smelter, rolling mill, and forge. In the summertime long lines of heavily loaded barges and scows slid down the canal, which led to a large inland lake, and in the wintertime the roads near the mill were black from all the coal dust which sifted down from the big charcoal crates.

a) Which of the following is incorrect?
• Peddler was dead tired
• Peddler was looking for a shelter
• Peddler was ensnared
• Peddle was rejoicing there

b) What does ‘Barges and scows’ mean?
• Types of vehicles
• Types of boats
• Types of ships
• Types of cars

c) The phrasal verb ‘Sifted down’ means….
• Moved down
• Raised up
• Called forth
• None of these

d) Smelter is used to ……
• Extract metals by heating
• Harden metals by cooling
• Both i and ii
• Neither i and ii


A. Peddler was rejoicing there B. Types of boats C. Moved down

D. Extract metals by heating

Extract 6

6. He watched both night and day to see that the work was done as well as possible, and at this very moment he came into the forge on one of his nightly rounds of inspection. Naturally the first thing he saw was the tall ragamuffin who had eased his way so close to the furnace that steam rose from his wet rags. The ironmaster did not follow the example of the blacksmiths, who had hardly deigned to look at the stranger. He walked close up to him, looked him over very carefully, then tore off his slouch hat to get a better view of his face. ‘‘But of course it is you, Nils Olof!’’ he said. “How you do look!”

a) Who was the owner of the Ramsjo iron mill?
• Vagabond
• Iron master
• Crofter
• None of these

b) What was the motive of the ironmaster?
• To produce gold
• To produce good iron
• To produce good manpower
• All of these

c) Who is a ragamuffin?
• Urchin with dirty appearance
• A good-looking person
• A useless person
• All of these

d) What is a slouch hat?
• Hat with a wide flexible brim
• Hat with a narrow flexible brim
• Hat without a brim
• None of these


A. Ironmaster

B. To produce good iron C. Urchin with dirty appearance

D. Hat with a wide flexible brim

Extract 7

7. He only wanted a chance to sleep here in the forge and then sneak away as inconspicuously as possible. The ironmaster assumed that he felt embarrassed because of his miserable clothing. ‘‘Please don’t think that I have such a fine home that you cannot show yourself there’’, He said… ‘‘Elizabeth is dead, as you may already have heard. My boys are abroad, and there is no one at home except my oldest daughter and myself.

a) Who was Elizabeth?
• Ironmaster’s wife
• Ironmaster’s daughter
• Ironmaster’s mother
• None of these

b) Find out the synonym of the word ‘Inconspicuously’ from the following.
• Clearly
• Unclearly
• Visibly
• None of these

c) Who was the daughter of the ironmaster?
• Edla
• Elizabeth
• Selma
• None of these

d) Whom did the iron master mistake the rattrap seller for?
• His fiend
• His friend
• New regimental comrade
• All of these


A. Ironmaster’s wife

B. Unclearly C. Edla

D. His friend

Extract 8

8. ‘‘It looks as though Captain von Stahle preferred to stay with you tonight, Stjernstrom’’, he said to the master blacksmith, and turned on his heel. But he laughed to himself as he went away, and the blacksmith, who knew him, understood very well that he had not said his last word. It was not more than half an hour before they heard the sound of carriage wheels outside the forge, and a new guest came in, but this time it was not the ironmaster. He had sent his daughter, apparently hoping that she would have better powers of persuasion than he himself.

a) Why did the iron master send his daughter to the mill?
• To throw peddler out
• To invite peddler to Christmas party
• To invite peddle to large inland lake
• To invite peddler to his abode

b) What does the phrase ‘Turn on his heel’ mean?
• Turn sharply around
• Turn slowly around
• Not turn around
• Turn around with power

c) What is a forge?
• Furnace
• Furnace with a hearth
• Smithy
• All of these

d) What was the name of the iron mill wherein the peddler was putting up?
• Selma iron mill
• Ramsjo iron mill
• Ramsjo ironworks
• None of these


A. To invite peddler to his abode

B. Turn sharply around C. All of these

D. Ramsjo ironworks

Extract 9

9. The man was evidently used to sleeping with one eye open. He jumped up abruptly and seemed to be quite frightened. ‘‘My name is Edla Willmansson,’’ said the young girl. ‘‘My father came home and said that you wanted to sleep here in the forge tonight, and then I asked permission to come and bring you home to us. I am so sorry, Captain, that you are having such a hard time.’’ She looked at him compassionately, with her heavy eyes, and then she noticed that the man was afraid. ‘‘Either he has stolen something or else he has escaped from, jail’’, she thought, and added quickly, “You may be sure, Captain, that you will be allowed to leave us just as freely as you came.

a) Why was Edla calling him captain?
• For he was looking alike captain
• For he was mistaken as a captain
• For he was looking alike thief
• For he had escaped from jail

b) What doubts did Edla have about the man?
• That he was a thief
• That he had escaped from jail
• Both i and ii
• Neither i nor ii

c) Who was Edla’s father?
• Ragamuffin
• Crofter
• Valet
• None of these

d) What does the word ‘compassionately’ mean?
• With affection
• Without affection
• Without care and love
• None of these


A.  For he was mistaken as a captain

B.  Both I and II C. None of these

D.  With affection

Extract 10

10. “As soon as he gets clean and dressed up, you will see something different. Last night he was naturally embarrassed. The tramp manners will fall away from him with the tramp clothes.” Just as he said this the door opened and the stranger entered. Yes, now he was truly clean and well dressed. The valet had bathed him, cut his hair, and shaved him. Moreover he was dressed in a good-looking suit of clothes which belonged to the ironmaster. He wore a white shirt and a starched collar and whole shoes. But although his guest was now so well groomed, the ironmaster did not seem pleased.

a) Who is a valet?
• Personal assistant
• Personal receptionist
• Personal secretary
• None of these

b) Why was the host not pleased?
• For the peddler had deceived him
• For the peddler had undeceived him
• For the peddler had promised to celebrate Christmas with him
• None of these

c) What does the speaker mean by ‘Starched collar’?
• Stiff
• Soft
• Delicate
• Rough

d) Where is the rattrap seller now?
• Iron mill
• Manor’s house
• Crofter’s house
• None of these


A.  Personal Assistant

B. For the peddler had deceived him C. Stiff

D. Manor’s house

Extract 11

11. At worst I can put on my rags again and go away”. “Well,” said the ironmaster, hesitating a little, “it was not quite honest, either. You must admit that, and I should not be surprised if the sheriff would like to have something to say in the matter.” The tramp took a step forward and struck the table with his fist. “Now I am going to tell you, Mr Ironmaster, how things are,” he said. “This whole world is nothing but a big rattrap.

a) Which literary device has been used in the last line?
• All of these

b) What does the speaker mean by ‘Rags’ in the first line?
• Tattered clothes
• Well-knitted clothes
• Worn and torn utensils
• All of these

c) Which of the following is correct?
• Rattrap seller had devilish intent
• Rattrap seller was just
• Rattrap seller was undeceiving
• All of these

d) Why did the ironmaster want to call the sheriff for?
• For arresting the blacksmith
• For interrogating the peddler
• For questioning his daughter
• For putting up questions from him


A. Metaphor B. Tattered clothes C. Rattrap seller had devilish intent

D. For interrogating the peddler

Extract 12

12. The next morning the ironmaster and his daughter got up in good season to go to the early Christmas service. Their guest was still asleep, and they did not disturb him. When, at about ten o’clock, they drove back from the church, the young girl sat and hung her head even more dejectedly than usual. At church she had learned that one of the old crofters of the ironworks had been robbed by a man who went around selling rattraps. “Yes, that was a fine fellow you let into the house,” said her father. “I only wonder how many silver spoons are left in the cupboard by this time.”

a) Why had Edla hung her head dejectedly?
• For she was not feeling well
• For she was disappointed with her father
• For she was disappointed with valet
• For she was embarrassed with peddler’s behavior

b) Why was the ironmaster worried about his silver spoons?
• For the valet could have stolen them
• For the peddler could have stolen them
• For Edla could have stolen them
• None of these

c) What is church service?
• Formal way of worship
• Informal way of worship
• Serving rich with food at church
• None of these

d) Which of the following is correct?
• Crofter told them about the thievery
• Peddler stole silver spoons from there
• Edla realized her mistake of sheltering the peddler
• Edla fell in love with the peddler


A. For she was embarrassed with peddler’s behaviour

B. For the peddler could have stolen them C. Formal way of Worship

D. Edla realized her mistake of sheltering the peddler

Extract 13

13. The young girl opened the package, which was so badly done up that the contents came into view at once. She gave a little cry of joy. She found a small rattrap, and in it lay three wrinkled ten kronor notes. But that was not all. In the rattrap lay also a letter written in large, jagged characters — “Honoured and noble Miss, “Since you have been so nice to me all day long, as if I was a captain, I want to be nice to you, in return, as if I was a real captain — for I do not want you to be embarrassed at this Christmas season by a thief; but you can give back the money to the old man on the roadside, who has the money pouch hanging on the window frame as a bait for poor wanderers.

a) Why were the contents of the package left by the peddler?
• Small rattrap, 30 kronor and silver spoons
• Big rattrap, 30 kronor and silver spoons
• Small rattrap, 30 kronor and a letter
• Big rattrap, 30 kronor and silver spoons

b) Whom did the peddler thank for changing a wild beast into a man?
• Edla
• The ragamuffin
• The crofter
• Iron master

c) Why was the peddler referring himself as a captain?
• Because he was a captain in reality
• Because he was disregarded as a captain
• Because he was regarded as a captain
• Because he was not a captain in reality

d) Who treated the rattrap seller as a captain?
• Edla Willmanson
• Iron master
• Both i and ii
• Neither i nor ii


A. Small rattrap, 30 kronor and a letter

B.  Edla Willmanson C. Because he was regarded as a captain

D. Both I and II

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