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Extracts of Evans Tries an O Level by Colin Dexter

Extract 1

1) “There’s no record of violence. Quite a pleasant sort of chap, they tell me. Bit of a card, really. One of the stars at the Christmas concert. Imitations, you know the sort of thing: Mike Yarwood stuff. No, he’s just a congenital kleptomaniac, that’s all.” The Governor was tempted to add something else, but he thought better of it. He’d look after that particular side of things himself. “Presumably,” said the Secretary, “you can arrange a room where — ” “No problem. He’s in a cell on his own. If you’ve no objections, he can sit the exam in there.” “That’s fine.” “And we could easily get one of the parsons from St. Mary Mags to invigilate, if that’s — ” “Fine, yes.

a) What does the speaker mean by ‘Bit of a card’?
• Brainy
• Silly
• Joker
• None of these

b) Who is a kleptomaniac?
• Someone with an urge to steal
• Someone with an urge to eat
• Someone with an urge to spend
• Someone with an urge to earn

c) Who is being talked about in first few lines?
• Evans
• James Roderick Evans
• Mr. Clever Clever Evans
• All of these

d) Who is the author of the chapter?
• Colin Ambrose
• Colin Dexter
• Colin Munro
• None of these


a. Silly b. Someone with an urge to steal c. All of these d. Colin Dexter

Extract 2

2) They seem to have a lot of parsons there, don’t they?” The two men chuckled good-naturedly, and the Secretary had a final thought. “At least there’s one thing. You shouldn’t have much trouble keeping him incommunicado, should you?” The Governor chuckled politely once more, reiterated his thanks, and slowly cradled the phone. Evans! “Evans the Break” as the prison officers called him. Thrice he’d escaped from prison, and but for the recent wave of unrest in the maximum-security establishments up north, he wouldn’t now be gracing the Governor’s premises in Oxford; and the Governor was going to make absolutely certain that he wouldn’t be disgracing them. Not that Evans was a real burden: just a persistent, nagging presence.

a) Which literary device has been used in ‘Evans the Break’?
Transferred epithet

b) What does the word ‘Nagging’ mean?
• Complaining
• Praising
• Admiring
• None of these

c) Find out the synonym of the word ‘Chuckled’ from the following?
• Laugh loudly
• Laugh softly
• Laugh one’s heart out
• None of these

d) Why was Evans shifted from Governor’s premises?
• For there were elections
• For there were riots
• For the Governor was ill
• All of these


a. Epithet b. Complaining c. Laugh softly d. For there were riots


Extract 3

3) On Monday 7 June, Evans’s German teacher shook him by the hand in the heavily guarded Recreational Block, just across from D Wing. “Guten Gluck, Herr Evans.” “Pardon?” “I said, “Good luck”. Good luck for tomorrow.” “Oh. Thanks, er, I mean, er, Danke Schon.” “You haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of getting through, of course, but — ” “I may surprise everybody,” said Evans. At 8.30 the following morning, Evans had a visitor. Two visitors, in fact. He tucked his grubby string-vest into his equally grubby trousers, and stood up from his bunk, smiling cheerfully.

a) What does the phrase ‘Guten Gluck’ mean?
• Good luck
• Bad luck
• Poor Luck
• None of these

b) What does Evans mean by ‘I may surprise everybody’?
• That he will pass in the exam
• That he will fail in the exam
• That he will manage to escape
• That he will be caught by police

c) Who were the two visitors?
• Jackson and Governor
• Stephens and Governor
• Jackson and Stephens
• McLeery and Jackson

d) What is ‘Danke Schon’?
• Thank you
• Regard
• Yours truly
• None of these


a. Good Luck b. That he will manage to escape c. Jackson and Stephens d. Thank You


Extract 4

4) But… but still that little nagging doubt! Might Evans try to take advantage of McLeery? Get him to smuggle in a chisel or two, or a rope ladder, or — The Governor sat up sharply. It was all very well getting rid of any potential weapon that Evans could have used; but what about McLeery? What if, quite unwittingly, the innocent McLeery had brought in something himself? A jack-knife, perhaps? And what if Evans held him hostage with such a weapon? The Governor reached for the phone. It was 9.12 a.m.

a) Name the chapter.
On the Face of It
Evans Tries an O Level
Should Wizard hit Mommy
The Enemy

b) What is a chisel?
• An edge tool
• An edge machine
• An edge wood
• None of these

c) Who was in dilemma?
• Jackson
• Governor
• Evans
• Stephens

d) What does the word ‘Unwittingly’ mean?
• Without knowledge
• Without money
• Without power
• All of these


a.  Evans Tries an O Level

b.  An edge tool c. Governor

d. Without knowledge

Extract 5

5) “Do you mind telling me why you’ve brought this, sir?” He held up a smallish semi-inflated rubber ring, such as a young child with a waist of about twelve inches might have struggled into. “You thinking of going for a swim, sir?” McLeery’s hitherto amiable demeanour was slightly ruffled by this tasteless little pleasantry, and he answered Jackson somewhat sourly. “If ye must know, I suffer from haemorrhoids, and when I’m sitting down for any length o’ time —” “Very sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to, er…”

a) For what had McLerry brought that semi-inflated rubber ring?
• For hemorrhoids
• For concealing blood
• For concealing sharp objects
• For concealing correction slip

b) What was there in that semi-inflated rubber ring?
• Dog’s blood
• Pig’s blood
• Human’s blood
• None of these

c) What does the speaker mean by ‘Hemorrhoids’?
• Piles
• Fisher
• Cataract
• None of these

d) Name the author of this chapter.
• Susan Hill
• Alphonse Daudet
• John Updike
• None of these


a.  For concealing blood

b. Pig’s blood c. Piles

d. None of these

Extract 6

6) “How am I suppose to concentrate on my exam… with someone breathin’ down my neck? Christ! Sorry, sir, I didn’t mean — ” The Governor reached for the phone. “Jackson? Ah, good. Get Stephens out of that cell, will you? I think we’re perhaps overdoing things.” “As you wish, sir.”

a) Who was unable to concentrate on his exam?
• Stephens
• Jackson
• Evans
• Governor

b) Which exam was Evans appearing in?
• Italian
• French
• German
• Indian

c) Who were overdoing the things according to the Governor?
• Jackson
• Stephens
• Both of them
• None of them

d) What did the Governor order Jackson to do?
• To call Stephens out
• To step in the cell
• To sit with Stephens
• To search Evans again


a. Evans

b. German c.  Both of them

d.  To call Stephens out

Extract 7

7) At 11.22 a.m. Jackson shouted along the corridor to Stephens. The Governor wanted to speak with him — “Hurry, man!” Stephens picked up the phone apprehensively and listened to the rapidly spoken orders. Stephens himself was to accompany McLeery to the main prison gates. Understood? Stephens personally was to make absolutely sure that the door was locked on Evans after McLeery had left the cell. Understood?

a) Who called Jackson just before the exam was about to be over?
• Governor
• Evans’s friends
• McLeery
• None of these

b) When was the exam to get over?
• 11:30 a.m.
• 11:20 a.m.
• 11:25 a.m.
• 12 Noon

c) What was Stephens ordered to do?
• To check Mcleery again
• To see off Mcleery at the main door
• To go to Canteen along with Mcleery
• None of these

d) What does the word ‘Apprehensively’ mean?
• Anxiously
• Uneasily
• Worriedly
• All of these


a.  Evans’s friends b. 11:25 a.m. c. To see off McLeery at the main door

d.  All of these

Extract 8

8) But something stopped him from making his way directly to the canteen for a belated cup of coffee. He wanted to take just one last look at Evans. It was like a programme he’d seen on TV — about a woman who could never really convince herself that she’d locked the front door when she’d gone to bed: often she’d got up twelve, fifteen, sometimes twenty times to check the bolts. He re-entered D Wing, made his way along to Evans’s cell, and opened the peep-hole once more. Oh, no! CHRIST, NO!

a) Why did Stephens decide to skip his coffee?
• For he wanted to have another look at Evans
• For he was informed to do so by Governor
• For he had to pay for it
• None of these

b) What was the mental state of that woman?
• Confused
• Confident
• Biased
• All of these

c) What is a peep-hole?
• A spy hole
• An eye hole
• A hole to peep
• All of these

d) What did Stephens notice in the cell?
• That there was no one
• That there were two people
• That McLeery was injured
• All of these


a. For he wanted to have another look at Evans b. Confused c. All of these

d. That McLeery was injured.

Extract 9

9) A prison van backed alongside, but the Governor made no immediate move. He looked down again at the last line of the German: “…to the Headington roundabout, where you go straight over and make your way to…to Neugraben.” “Neugraben”? Where on earth — ? “New” something. “Newgrave”? Never heard of it: There was a “Wargrave”, somewhere near Reading, but… No, it was probably a code word, or — And then it hit him. Newbury! God, yes! Newbury was a pretty big sort of place but —He rapped out his orders to the driver. “St Aldates Police Station, and step on it!

a) Where was Evans according to the Governor?
• Chipping Norton
• Newbury
• Headington
• None of these

b) Who was the in-charge of St. Aldates Station?
• Carter
• Mr. Bell
• Jackson
• Governor

c) Where had Evans gone actually?
• Chipping Norton
• Carfax
• Newbury
• Headington

d) How was the Governor able to understand German?
• For he had masters in German
• For he had graduation in German
• For he had studied German in lower classes
• All of these


a.  Newbury b. Mr. Bell c. Chipping Norton

d. For he had studied German in lower classes

Extract 10

10) He was just another good-for-a-giggle, gullible governor, that was all. “By the way, Carter. I hope you managed to get McLeery to the hospital all right?” “Yes. He’s in the Radcliffe now. Really groggy, he was, when we got to the Examination offices, and they rang for the ambulance from there.” The Governor rang the Radcliffe a few minutes later and asked for the accident department. “McLeery, you say?” “Yes. He’s a parson.”

a) What is ‘Good-for-a-giggle’?
• A Laughter stock
• A man worth laughing
• A foolish person
• All of these

b) Who dropped McLeery at the Examination office?
• Evans
• Carter
• Mr. Bell
• None of these

c) What is Radcliffe in the above line?
• Hospital
• Pub
• Disc
• None of these

d) What did the Governor get to know after calling Redcliffe?
• That McLeery was there
• That McLeery was not there
• That McLeery was being operated
• None of these


a. All of these

b. Carter c. Hospital

d. That McLeery was not there

Extract 11

11) “How did you know which Golden Lion it was? There’s ‘undreds of ‘em.” “Same as you, Evans. Index number 313; Centre number 271. Remember? Six figures? And if you take an Ordnance Survey Map for Oxfordshire, you find that the six-figure reference 313/271 lands you bang in the middle of Chipping Norton.” “Yea, you’re right. Huh! We’d ‘oped you’d run off to Newbury.” “We did.” “Well, that’s something, I s’pose.”

a) How did Governor reach Golden Lion?
• With the help of phone call
• With the help of correction slip
• With the help of receptionist
• With the help of Governor

b) Why did Evans lie to the Governor that he had been to Newbury?
• Since he wanted to get married there
• Since he wanted to establish there
• Since he wanted to go there
• Since there was an offer going on

c) How did Evans manage to find out which Golden Lion he had to go?
• With the help of phone calls
• With the help of receptionist
• With the help of Governor
• With the help of codes

d) Who provided him those codes?
• McLeery (Fake)
• Stephens
• Jackson
• Governor


a. With the help of correction slip b. Since he wanted to go there c. With the help of codes d. McLeery (Fake)

Extract 12

12) “Nah! It’s the clotting, you see. That’s the big trouble. We got the blood easy enough. Pig’s blood, it was — from the slaughter’ouse in Kidlington. But to stop it clotting you’ve got to mix yer actual blood” (Evans took a breath) “with one tenth of its own volume of 3.8 per cent trisodium citrate! Didn’t know that, did you, sir?” The Governor shook his head in a token of reluctant admiration. “We learn something new every day, they tell me. Come on, m’lad.”

a) What was there in that semi-inflated rubber ring?
• Blood
• Ink
• Water
• None of these

b) What does the word ‘Reluctant’ mean?
• Willing
• Unwilling
• Interested
• None of these

c) What is the tone of the speaker in ‘We learn something new every day’?
• Encouraging
• Discouraging
• Demotivating
• Diminishing

d) Why was the Governor impressed with Evans?
• For he was brainy
• For he was bit of a card
• For he was a mimic
• For he was kleptomaniac


a. Blood b. Unwilling c. Encouraging

d. For he was brainy

Extract 13

13) “I just ‘appened to notice that you’ve got some O-level Italian classes comin’ up next September, that’s all.’ “Perhaps you won’t be with us next September, Evans.” James Roderick Evans appeared to ponder the Governor’s words deeply. “No. P’r’aps I won’t,” he said. As the prison van turned right from Chipping Norton on to the Oxford road, the hitherto silent prison officer unlocked the handcuffs and leaned forward towards the driver, “For Christ’s sake get a move on! It won’t take ‘em long to find out —’ “Where do ye suggest we make for?” asked the driver, in a broad Scots accent.. “What about Newbury?” suggested Evans.

a) Why did Evans decide want to go to Newbury?
• For Governor would not go there again
• For it was a safe place
• For it was full of fun there
• None of these

b) Who was the driver?
• McLeery (Fake)
• Evans
• Silent Police Officer
• None of them

c) Which classes did Evans want to take up in next September?
• German
• Spanish
• Italian
• All of these

d) What does the word ‘Hitherto’ mean in the above lines?
• As yet
• So far
• Till now
• All of these


a. For Governor would not go there again

b. McLeery (Fake) c.  Italian

d.  All of these

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