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Extracts of The Enemy | Pearl.S.Buck | Chapter 4 | Vistas | English 


Having gone through the MCQs The Third Level, The Enemy, Should Wizard Hit Mommy by John Updike from Vistas and The Last Lesson, Lost Spring, Deep Water, The Rattrap, My Mother at Sixty Six, An Elementary School Classroom School in a Slum, Keeping Quiet from Flamingo. It’s high time to have a look at Summaries, Short Answer Type Questions and Long Answer Type Questions from them for its better understanding and scoring higher in the upcoming examination. These chapters comprise of Summaries, Short Answer Type Questions and Long Answer Type Questions from them.

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Extract 1

1. His father had taken him often to the islands of those seas, and never had he failed to say to the little brave boy at his side, ‘‘Those islands yonder, they are the stepping stones to the future for Japan.’’ ‘‘Where shall we step from them?’’ Sadao had asked seriously. ‘‘Who knows?’’ his father had answered. ‘‘Who can limit our future? It depends on what we make it.’’

a) What does the word ‘Yonder’ mean?
• Distant
• Nonadjacent
• Far-flung
• All of these

b) What does the speaker mean by ‘Stepping stone’?
• Means of advancement
• Means of furtherance
• Means of progression
• All of these

c) Pick out the synonym of the word ‘seriously’ from the following.
• Earnestly
• Critically
• Gravely
• All of these

d) Name the author of this chapter
• Alphonse Daudet
• Pearl.S.Buck
• John Updike
• Jack Finney

a) All of these b) All of these c) All of these d) Pearl S Buck

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Extract 2

2. Sadao had taken this into his mind as he did everything his father said, his father who never joked or played with him but who spent infinite pains upon him who was his only son. Sadao knew that his education was his father’s chief concern. For this reason he had been sent at twenty-two to America to learn all that could be learned of surgery and medicine. He had come back at thirty, and before his father died he had seen Sadao become famous not only as a surgeon but as a scientist. Because he was perfecting a discovery which would render wounds entirely clean, he had not been sent abroad with the troops. Also, he knew, there was some slight danger that the old General might need an operation for a condition for which he was now being treated medically, and for this possibility Sadao was being kept in Japan.

a) What does the word ‘infinite’ mean?
• Calculable
• Sempiternal
• Never ending
• Both ii and iii

b) What does the speaker mean by ‘Perfecting a discovery’?
• Honing the discovery
• Making the discovery perfect
• Making himself perfect for Hana
• Both i and ii

c) Why was Dr.Sadao never sent abroad with the troops?
• For he remained ill
• For the General remained ill
• For the was perfecting a discovery
• Both ii and iii

d) What does the word ‘troops’ mean?
• Group of soldiers
• Group of generals
• Group of commanders
• Group of brigadiers

a) Both ii and iii b) Both i and ii c) Both ii and iii d) Group of soldiers


Extract 3

3. The professor and his wife had been kind people anxious to do something for their few foreign students, and the students, though bored, had accepted this kindness. Sadao had often told Hana how nearly he had not gone to Professor Harley’s house that night — the rooms were so small, the food so bad, the professor’s wife so voluble. But he had gone and there he had found Hana, a new student, and had felt he would love her if it were at all possible.

a) Name the Professor.
• Anatomy Professor
• Professor Harley
• Professor Tom
• None of these

b) What does the word ‘Voluble’ mean?
• Garrulous
• Gassy
• Loquacious
• All of the above

c) Where was Dr.Sadao putting up when he met Hana?
• Japan
• America
• At General’s home
• All of these

d) Which race did Hana belong to?
• American
• Japanese
• Indian
• Chinese

a) Professor Harley b) All of the above c) America d) Japanese

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Extract 4

4. ‘‘He is wounded,’’ Sadao exclaimed. He made haste to the man, who lay motionless, his face in the sand. An old cap stuck to his head soaked with sea water. He was in wet rags of garments. Sadao stopped, Hana at his side, and turned the man’s head. They saw the face. “A white man!” Hana whispered. Yes, it was a white man. The wet cap fell away and there was his wet yellow hair, long, as though for many weeks it had not been cut, and upon his young and tortured face was a rough yellow beard. He was unconscious and knew nothing that they did for him.

a) Who was washed ashore in front of their house?
• Tom
• Anatomy Professor
• General Takima
• Beachcomber

b) What does the word ‘Soaked’ mean?
• Submerged in liquid
• Drenched
• Covered with water
• All of these

c) What was the injured man wearing?
• Tattered clothes
• His intact uniform
• Western outfit
• All of these

d) Name the chapter.
Evans Tries an O Level
On the Face of It
The Enemy

a) Tom b) All of these c) Tattered Clothes d) The Enemy

Extract 5

5. The mists screened them now completely, and at this time of day no one came by. The fishermen had gone home and even the chance beachcombers would have considered the day at an end. ‘‘What shall we do with this man?’’ Sadao muttered. But his trained hands seemed of their own will to be doing what they could to stanch the fearful bleeding. He packed the wound with the sea moss that strewed the beach. The man moaned with pain in his stupor but he did not awaken. ‘‘The best thing that we could do would be to put him back in the sea,’’ Sadao said, answering himself.

a) What does the speaker mean by ‘The mists screened them’?
• Mist had hid them
• Mist had protected them
• Mist had concealed them
• All of these

b) Who is beachcomber?
• A vagrant living on beach
• A person walks along a beach looking for valuables
• A wanderer searching for things on the beach
• All of these

c) What does the word ‘Strewed’ mean?
• spread out
• protected
• Uncovered
• Unavailable

d) Why did they want to throw the man back into the sea?
• For he was an American
• For he was an enemy
• For he was a P.O.W
• All of these

a) All of these b) All of these c) Spread out d) All of these

Extract 6

6. ‘‘If we sheltered a white man in our house we should be arrested and if we turned him over as a prisoner, he would certainly die,’’ Sadao said. ‘‘The kindest thing would be to put him back into the sea,’’ Hana said. But neither of them moved. They were staring with a curious repulsion upon the inert figure. ‘‘What is he?’’ Hana whispered. ‘‘There is something about him that looks American,’’ Sadao said. He took up the battered cap. Yes, there, almost gone, was the faint lettering. ‘‘A sailor,’’ he said, ‘‘from an American warship.’’ He spelled it out: ‘‘U.S. Navy.’’ The man was a prisoner of war! ‘‘He has escaped.’’ Hana cried softly, ‘‘and that is why he is wounded.’’

a) What is the tone of the speaker in the first line?
• Fearful
• Apologetic
• Baffled
• Nostalgic

b) What does the word ‘Inert’ mean?
• Unmoving
• Inactive
• Both i and ii
• Neither i nor ii

c) Where was the American shot?
• On lower abdomen
• On lower leg
• On lower back
• On lower neck

d) How did they figure out that the man was an American?
• Through his hair
• Through his beard
• Through his cap
• All of these

a) Fearful b) Both i and ii c) On lower back d) All of these

Extract 7

7. Thus agreed, together they lifted the man. He was very light, like a fowl that had been half-starved for a long time until it is only feathers and skeleton. So, his arms hanging, they carried him up the steps and into the side door of the house. This door opened into a passage, and down the passage they carried the man towards an empty bedroom. It had been the bedroom of Sadao’s father, and since his death it had not been used. They laid the man on the deeply matted floor. Everything here had been Japanese to please the old man, who would never in his own home sit on a chair or sleep in a foreign bed.

a) Which poetic device has been used in the first line?

b) What is a fowl?
• Bird
• Goat
• Pig
• None of these

c) Who has been called ‘Old man’ in the above extract?
• Sadao’s father
• General Takima
• Sadao’s servant (Gardener)
• None of these

d) Find out the synonym of the word ‘Please’ from the following.
• To make him happy
• To make him sad
• To make him tiresome
• To make his nostalgic

a) Simile b) Bird c) Sadao’s Father d) To make him happy

Extract 8

8. But the utter pallor of the man’s unconscious face moved him first to stoop and feel his pulse. It was faint but it was there. He put his hand against the man’s cold breast. The heart too was yet alive. “He will die unless he is operated on,” Sadao said, considering. “The question is whether he will not die anyway.” Hana cried out in fear. “Don’t try to save him! What if he should live?” “What if he should die?” Sadao replied. He stood gazing down on the motionless man. This man must have extraordinary vitality or he would have been dead by now.

a) What does the word ‘Utter’ mean?
• Complete
• Incomplete
• Pale
• partial

b) What made Sadao say that the man had extraordinary vitality?
• Since he was bleeding
• Since he was being taken care of
• Since he was getting saved time and again
• Since he had lost much of his blood yet he was alive

c) What was the colour of the man’s face according to the speaker?
• White
• Yellow
• Reddish
• None of these

d) What does the phrasal verb ‘Gaze down’ mean?
• To stare
• To scare
• To look angrily
• To threaten angrily

a) Complete b) Since he had lost much of his blood yet he was alive c) Yellow d) To stare

Extract 9

9. The two servants were frightened at what their master had just told them. The old gardener, who was also a house servant, pulled the few hairs on his upper lip. “The master ought not to heal the wound of this white man,” he said bluntly to Hana. “The white man ought to die. First he was shot. Then the sea caught him and wounded him with her rocks. If the master heals what the gun did and what the sea did they will take revenge on us.” “I will tell him what you say,” Hana replied courteously.

a) What does the speaker mean by ‘Pulled the few hairs on his upper lip”?
• That he was worried
• That he was baffled
• That he was perplexed
• All of these

b) Find out the synonym of ‘Heal’ from the following.
• Cure
• Treat
• Bring around
• All of these

c) “They will take revenge on us.” Who said this?
• Hana
• Yumi
• Cook
• None of these

d) What does the last few lines of the extract show about the gardener?
• That he was modern
• That he was advanced
• That he was superstitious
• None of these

a) All of these b)  All of these c) None of these d) That he was superstitious

Extract 10

10. Then she went over to the white man. When she saw him her thick lips folded themselves into stubbornness. “I have never washed a white man,” she said, “and I will not wash so dirty a one now.” Hana cried at her severely. “You will do what your master commands you!”

a) Who is the speaker of “I will not wash so dirty a one now”?
• Yumi
• Gardener
• Cook
• Hana

b) What made Hana angry?
• Poor behavior of Gardener
• Poor behavior of Yumi
• Poor behavior of cook
• All of these

c) Find out the antonym of the word ‘Severly’ from the following.
• Badly
• Critically
• Gravely
• Politely

d) How many servants did the couple have?
• Two
• Three
• Four
• Five

a) Yumi b) Poor behavior of Yumi c) Politely d) Three

Extract 11

11. Unconsciously this thought made him ruthless and he proceeded swiftly. In his dream the man moaned but Sadao paid no heed except to mutter at him. “Groan,” he muttered, “groan if you like. I am not doing this for my own pleasure. In fact, I do not know why I am doing it.” The door opened and there was Hana again. “Where is the anesthetic?” she asked in a clear voice. Sadao motioned with his chin. “It is as well that you came back,” he said. “This fellow is beginning to stir.” She had the bottle and some cotton in her hand. “But how shall I do it?” she asked. “Simply saturate the cotton and hold it near his nostrils,” Sadao replied without delaying for one moment the intricate detail of his work. “When he breathes badly move it away a little.”

a) What does the word ‘Moaned’ mean?
• Groaned
• Rejoiced
• Expressed
• None of these

b) Who gave anesthetic to the patient?
• Hana
• Yumi
• Gardener
• Dr. Sadao

c) What happened to the patient?
• He was shot
• He was beaten badly
• He was wounded
• All of the above

d) Why was Sadao saving his life?
• For being promoted
• For being awarded
• For being more perfect
• None of the above

a) Groaned b) Hana c)  All of the above d)  None of the above

Extract 12

12. His old American professor of anatomy had seen to that knowledge. “Ignorance of the human body is the surgeon’s cardinal sin, sirs!” he had thundered at his classes year after year. “To operate without as complete knowledge of the body as if you had made it — anything less than that is murder.” “It is not quite at the kidney, my friend,” Sadao murmured. It was his habit to murmur to the patient when he forgot himself in an operation. “My friend,” he always called his patients and so now he did, forgetting that this was his enemy. Then quickly, with the cleanest and most precise of incisions, the bullet was out. The man quivered but he was still unconscious.

a) How did Sadao call his patients?
• As his friend
• As his enemy
• As his mediator
• None of the above

b) What does the word ‘Incision’ mean?
• Cutting of body
• Joining of body
• Neither i nor ii
• Both i and ii

c) Which literary device has been used in “My friend”?

d) Why did Dr. Sadao remember his anatomy professor?
• For his words
• For his way of making students aware
• For his incredulous statements
• All of these

a)  As his friend b) Cutting of body c) Irony d) All of these

Extract 13

13. He had worked with flowers all his life, and had been a specialist too in moss. For Sadao’s father he had made one of the finest moss gardens in Japan, sweeping the bright green carpet constantly so that not a leaf or a pine needle marred the velvet of its surface. “My old master’s son knows very well what he ought to do,” he now said, pinching a bud from a bush as he spoke. “When the man was so near death why did he not let him bleed?” “That young master is so proud of his skill to save life that he saves any life,” the cook said contemptuously. She split a fowl’s neck skillfully and held the fluttering bird and let its blood flow into the roots of a wistaria vine. Blood is the best of fertilisers, and the old gardener would not let her waste a drop of it. “It is the children of whom we must think,” Yumi said sadly. “What will be their fate if their father is condemned as a traitor?”

a) Who is ‘He’ in the first line?
• Gardener
• Cook
• Messenger of General
• Sadao

b) What did the servants want their master to do?
• To kill that man
• To hand him in to the police
• To utilize each and every drop of his blood
• All of these

c) Find out the synonym of ‘Fluttering’ from the following?
• Quivering
• Wavering
• Flittering
• All of these

d) What does the word ‘Contemptuously’ mean?
• Without respect
• With respect
• In a disdainful manner
• Both i and iii

a) Gardener b) All of these c) All of these d) Both i and iii

Extract 14

14. Her hands went weak and she could not draw her breath. The servants must have told already. She ran to Sadao, gasping, unable to utter a word. But by then the messenger had simply followed her through the garden and there he stood. She pointed at him helplessly. Sadao looked up from his book. He was in his office, the other partition of which was thrown open to the garden for the southern sunshine.

a) Who is ‘She’ in the above lines?
• Hana
• Yumi
• Cook
• None of these

b) Whose messenger was he?
• General Takima
• General Roosevelt
• General Edward Gait
• None of these

c) Whom did Hana doubt for informing the police?
• Neighbours
• Servants
• Army of Japan
• All of these

d) What does the word ‘Utter’ mean?
• Hesitate
• Speak
• Listen
• All of these

a) Hana b) General Takima c) Servants d) Speak

Extract 15

15. “Suppose you were condemned to death and the next day I had to have my operation?” “There are other surgeons, Excellency,” Sadao suggested. “None I trust,” the General replied. “The best ones have been trained by Germans and would consider the operation successful even if I died. I do not care for their point of view.” He sighed. “It seems a pity that we cannot better combine the German ruthlessness with the American sentimentality. Then you could turn your prisoner over to execution and yet I could be sure you would not murder me while I was unconscious.”

a) Which literary device has been used in line “Would consider the operation successful even if I died.”


b) How were Germans different from Americans according to the General?
• They were unpitying
• They had a tiny core of compassion for General
• They were more sentimental than Americans
• All of the above

c) Whom did the General doubt for murdering him?
• Americans
• General
• Both i and ii
• Neither i nor ii

d) What does the word ‘Sighed’ mean?
• Suspired
• Conspired
• Aspired
• All of these

a) Irony b) They were unpitying c)  Neither i nor ii d)  Suspired

Extract 16

16. “But you understand it was not lack of patriotism or dereliction of duty.” He looked anxiously at his doctor. “If the matter should come out you would understand that, wouldn’t you?” “Certainly, Your Excellency,” Sadao said. He suddenly comprehended that the General was in the palm of his hand and that as a consequence he himself was perfectly safe. “I can swear to your loyalty, Excellency,” he said to the old General, “and to your zeal against the enemy.” “You are a good man,” the General murmured and closed his eyes.” “You will be rewarded.” But Sadao, searching the spot of black in the twilighted sea that night, had his reward.

a) What does the word ‘Comprehended’ mean?
• Apprehended
• Grasped
• Perceived
• All of these

b) What is ‘Twilight’?
• Time of the day immediately following sunset
• Time of the day immediately following sunrise
• Both i and ii
• Neither i nor ii

c) Why did the General want Sadao to be rewarded?
• For saving American POW
• For saving his life
• For dereliction of duty
• None of these

d) What was the medical problem with the General?
• His kidney was infected
• His gall bladder was involved
• His heart was not pounding
• All of these

a) All of these b) Time of the day immediately following sunset c) For saving his life d) His gall bladder was involved

Extract 17

17. He remembered his old teacher of anatomy, who had been so insistent on mercy with the knife, and then he remembered the face of his fat and slatternly landlady. He had had great difficulty in finding a place to live in America because he was a Japanese. The Americans were full of prejudice and it had been bitter to live in it, knowing himself their superior. How he had despised the ignorant and dirty old woman who had at last consented to house him in her miserable home! He had once tried to be grateful to her because she had in his last year nursed him through but it was difficult, for she was no less repulsive to him in her kindness.

a) Who had cared for Dr.Sadao when he fell ill in America?
• His first landlady
• His anatomy professor
• American POW
• All of these

b) What does the word ‘Slatternly’ mean?
• A dirty woman
• A poor woman
• A woman who is full prejudice
• All of these

c) How were Americans according to Sadao?
• Full of jealousy
• Full of discrimination
• Full of ordeals
• None of these

d) What does the word ‘Despised’ mean?
• Hated
• Loathed
• Abhorred
• All of these

a) His first landlady b) All of these c) Full of discrimination d) All of these


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