CHAPTER-3 SHOULD WIZARD HIT MOMMY (Short Answer Type Questions)

Summary of Should Wizard Hit Mommy


This chapter highlights the difference between a child’s perspective and an adult’s perspective. According to the narrator both think from their own angle and both have different outlook towards the same situation. Besides, it highlights the childish attitude of a four year old girl who is very inquisitive and used to putting up a lot of questions.

The chapter begins with Jack telling story to his four year old daughter in order to make his daughter fall asleep. Jack, who feels out of mind after telling the same story again and again for the last four years, has a common theme to his story. In his every story, a creature namely Roger has a problem who goes to a wise own followed by a wizard to get his problem solved.

This story begins with a creature namely Roger Skunk who has an awful smell therefore no one plays with him. In order to get his problem solved, Roger goes to a wizard who changes his awful smell into roses on Skunk’s request. Having changed the smell, he demands 7 pennies which Roger fails to arrange. But, the wizard himself shows him the way whence he can arrange rest of the pennies. Having taken the money, Roger goes to his home where everyone starts playing with him.

Having heard all this much, Jo thinks that the story is over but Jack gives it a different angle. He adds the context of Roger’s mother to this story saying that she doesn’t like her son smelling like a rose and gives a nasty expression of disdain. She goes to wizard’s house and hits him with an umbrella on his head.

Jo does not like wizard being hit, she immediately brings her father story to a halt and objects Skunk’s mother hitting the wizard. She adds that she wants to listen to the same story with a different ending. Jack objects and adds that there is no story wherein mother is hit back. Then, he goes downstairs to help his pregnant wife who is painting up the furniture. He doesn’t want to talk, touch and deal with her.

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