CHAPTER-5 INDIGO (Short Answer Type Questions)

INDIGO Short Answer Type Questions)



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Q1. Why did Raj Kumar Shukla want Gandhi ji to visit Champaran?

Rajkumar Shukla was a poor peasant who was not satisfied with the landlord system in Bihar. That’s why he wanted him to come to Champaran and help them to get their rights & money back.


Q2. Why did Gandhi ji not go to Champaran straight forwardly?

Gandhi ji did not go to Champaran straight forwardly because he wanted to get to the bottom of the case before reaching Champaran. He wanted to collect some more evidence and information before reaching there.


Q3. Explain the injustice happening to the sharecroppers of Champaran.

Sharecroppers of Chamaparan were illiterate and did not much about their rights. They had to grow 15 % indigo on their land which they handed over to the landlords as rent. When news came from Germany that it had started developing synthetic indigo, some landlords illegally extorted money from the poor peasants. In that way, the poor peasants were molested by the landlords.


Q4. How was Gandhi ji welcomed at Mujjafarpur railway station? Where did he stay for two days?

Gandhi ji was welcomed warmly at the station by Professor J.B.Kriplani along with his students. But he stayed at Professor Malkani’s home for two days during the days of home rule.


Q5. Why did Gandhi ji chide the lawyers?

Gandhi ji chided the lawyers for charging high fee & not supporting the poor peasants in their respective cases. Moreover, he requested them to support the poor peasants who felt helpless in the courts.


Q6. What was the outcome of Gandhi ji’s meeting with the Commissioner and the Secretary of British landlords’ association?

The outcome to Gandhi ji’s meeting with both the officials was negative. The Secretary refused to provide any information to him calling him an outsider whereas the Commissioner bullied & threatened him to leave Champaran immediately.


Q7. What did Gandhi ji get to hear about a peasant in a nearby village?

Gandhi ji got to hear that one of the poor peasants was maltreated in a nearby village. He was not only beaten but also cursed for his inability and helplessness to do anything.


Q8. “The battle of Champaran is won” Why did Gandhi ji utter those words?

Gandhi ji uttered those words when he felt and saw the integrity among the peasants and the lawyers who accompanied him to the court. On seeing their unity, Gandhi ji felt that nothing was inaccessible for them.


Q9. How did Gandhi ji justify himself in the court?

Gandhi ji justified himself in the court stating that he was not a law breaker and his intention was not to disregard the law of his country. According to him, he was merely fighting for the rights of poor peasants of Champaran not for himself.


Q10. Why was Gandhi ji released without bail?

Gandhi ji was released without bail due to lack of evidence against him. Moreover, he was released seeing the demonstration and anger of the peasants. They all were united and could do anything for their leader if he was sent to the jail.

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