Going Places Class 12 | Chapter 8 | A.R.Barton | English |


Going Places Class 12 by A.R. Barton | Chapter 8 | English |

Summary of Going Places

Going Places revolves around fantasies and aspirations of a teenage girl named Sophie who has wild dreams. She hails from a poor & hand-to-mouth family. In spite of that, she doesn’t cease dreaming wildly and keeps on putting herself into hot water due to her wild fantasies and imaginations.

In the beginning of the chapter, we find her walking to her home with her friend Jansie talking about her dream of opening a world class boutique, being an actress and a fashion designer. On the contrary, Jansie, who is a practical girl, forbids her to have such fantasy that and adds further that they are earmarked to work in a biscuit factory. Besides, she tells her that all these things need money. 

Sophie’s family consists of her father who is a manual labourer, her meek and quiet mother, elder brother (Geoff) who is a motor mechanic and younger brother Derek. She lives in a small house with her family.

Her family is known to her habit of cooking up wild stories that are far away from her real world. She not only gets attracted to Celebrity Danny Casey who is a player of soccer but also tells her family about their meeting at the arcade which never happened. Having heard her sister for a while, Geoff does not believe in all that and advises her to not get into such mess. In order to convince her, she tells Geoff that Casey has asked her to meet in person.

She herself decides the place and date when she has to meet the renowned soccer player. She gets ready, walks by the canal, sits under an elm tree and starts waiting for him to come but he never does. Having waited for a while, she decides to turn up. On the way, she feels sad thing that her brother would be despondent to know all the fact. However, she never jumps out of her imagination and stays adamant to meet Danny Casey.


Short Answer Type Questions of Going Places

Q1. What did Sophie dream of? Why did Jansie discourage her?

Sophie always dreamt of being a fashion designer. Moreover, she wanted to open her own boutique. Jansie always discouraged her because they both belonged to poor families and were earmarked for biscuit factory.

Q2. “Money does not grow on trees.” Why did Derek remark this?

Derek remarked this when he heard about the dreams of her sister of opening a boutique of being a fashion designer. He knew that they belonged to poor families and work extremely hard for being hand to mouth.

Q3. What kind of a man was Sophie’s father?

Sophie’s father was a manual labourer who used to work throughout the day. He was a plump man who was used too much eating & watching all the football matches of United. He lived carefree and knew about the hardships of life.

Q4. Who was Geoff? Why was he not ready to believe in Sophie’s meeting with Daney Casey?

Geoff was Sophie’s elder brother who knew about the wild dreaming of his sister. He was not ready to believe in Sophie’s meeting with Daney Casey because he was a celebrity who had a string of girls after him.

Q5. Why was Sophie jealous of her brother’s silence?

Sophie was jealous of her brother’s silence because he was a man of few words & did not talk much. She wanted her brother to share all his feelings with her and tell about his friends.

Q6. How did Sophie include her brother in her fantasy?

Sophie was a dreamy girl who always dreamed wildly. She dreamt of sitting on the back seat of her brother’s bike wearing new branded clothes and enjoying. She thought that people would applause for her when she got down. In this way, she included her brother in her fantasy.

Q7. Who was Daney Casey? Where according to Sophie had he met her?

Daney Casey was a footballer who played for Ireland. According to Sophie, she had met him in the arcade while shopping for the clothes. But she could not take his autograph because neither of them had any pen or paper.

Q8. Which place did Sophie choose for her meeting with Daney Casey? Why do you think he did not come?

Sophie chose an isolated place near the canal for meeting Daney Casey because she knew no one came there except lovers. Daney Casey did not come to meet her because it was merely her imagination. In reality, Daney did not know who Sophie was.

Q9. Where had Sophie actually seen Daney Casey?

Sophie had actually seen Daney Casey while playing for his team in the play ground. She was very excited when Daney scored a goal. She felt as if people were praising and admiring her on Daney’s scoring a goal.

Q10. “You are going to put yourself into trouble one of these days” Why did Sophie’s father remark that?

Sophie’s father remarked that because he was aware of the fact that his daughter was a dreamy girl who dreamt of wild things. He knew the world was not as good as it looked. So, he wanted to beware her daughter of her big dreams.

Q11. Why did Sophie not want Jansie to know about her meeting with Daney Casey?

Sophie did not want Jansie to know about her meeting with Daney Casey because she thought her as nosey who could spread that news in the entire neighbourhood. She thought if her father got to know about her meeting with Daney Casey, he would surely kill her.

Q12. What made Sophie despondent in the end?

Sophie was sad because Daney Casey did not come to meet her. She had been waiting for him for the past few hours. But her waiting did not bring any fruitful result. Daney’s not coming made her sad.

Long Answer Question of Going Places

Q1. Give a brief character sketch of Sophie.

Sophie was a day dreamer who dreamt of wild things. She thought of opening her own boutique except being an actress, manager and a fashion designer. She knew that she belonged to a poor family and could not go on with such dreams, yet she kept on dreaming. She was warned continuously by her father of not dreaming wild but she was not ready to move and inch. She made a fake story of meeting Daney Casey which no one believed. She decided a place to meet him knowing that he would not come. Sophie knew that she could only get job in a biscuit factory where every other girl worked. She hated Jansie as she always discouraged her for being the part of such wild dreams. On the whole we can say that she was adamant who did not listen to anybody except listening to her heart which always created problem for her.


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