English Sample Paper Class 12 2022 | Term 2 | Latest Pattern | CBSE |


English Sample Paper Class 12 2022 | Term 2 | Latest Patter | CBSE |

English Sample Paper Class 12 2022, Term 2 : Keeping the requests and demand of students in mind, BrainyLads has come up with English Sample Paper Class 12 2022. This question paper is based on the latest syllabus and sample paper issued by CBSE. All of you are suggested to go through the Sample Paper Term 2 English Class 12 carefully.


Sample Question Paper



Time Allowed : 2 Hrs.                                                                   M.M: 40



1. Read the passage given below.

For technologists, one of the best ways to build a personal brand is to blog. Tell people about your ideas, tell them how you overcame technical challenges, tell them how you brought people together to develop an innovative solution that changed the market. This will also help you become a better technologist.

That was the message from our webinar last week with Xebia, the global technology strategy and consulting firm. Xebia has just launched a Blog-a-thon, in WEBIN partnership with Microsoft and GitHub, for three categories students, IT professionals, and techno functional leaders.

“Techies tend to be shy. So blogs are a good way to let out their creative juices. A lot of tech evangelists worldwide, top techies, if you want to know what they are doing, it is through their blogs,” Anand Sahay, CEO & co-founder of Xebia Global Services, said.

Norman Sequeira, director of the cloud solution architect team at Microsoft, said “the whole act of putting pen to paper, even if it is of the virtual kind, helps to build clarity of thought about the subject.”

Gandhali Samant, director of developer ecosystem & market engagement at GitHub, said if you blog, those who read it will use your suggestions, and then they might give feedback on how it worked, in what context. “That’s great learning for developers,” she said.

And it then becomes a step to building communities that collaborate and fuel innovation. Rajat Gupta, chief digital officer at Xebia, noted that all the greatest technologies of the last decade are the result of communities – whether you talk about Hadoop or Spark or Kubernetes or Tensor Flow.

Xebia Gupta said, thrives On communities. Sahay illustrated it saying they get people who built a solution, say, in banking, to talk and write about how they did it. “We often then get questions from the community from somewhere in the world, asking to talk to the person who wrote the blog. It comes as a very pleasant surprise, “he said.

Gupta said the best blogs he has read are those that are able to simplify tech. Sequeira said you should write about what you are passionate about. “In technical blogs, have architecture diagrams, code snippets, “he said. Gandhali said in such technical blogs, you should provide the code repository links wherever possible.    (Source: The Times of India)

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY EIGHT out of the nine questions given below.   (1*8)

i. Cite a point in evidence, from the text, to suggest that Blogging can make Techies extrovert. (1)

ii. State one of the benefits of blogging that is evident from lines 1 – 7 and provide a reason for your choice. (1)

iii. Select a suitable phrase from lines 11 – 16 to complete the following sentence appropriately.        Ram wanted his father to __________ and give everything to him in black and white. (1)

iv. How can blogging be a great learning for developers according to one of the directors? (1)

v. Rewrite the given sentence by replacing the underlined phrase with another one. (lines 1 – 10) (1)

The workshops allow staff to get away from their desks and produce something innovative.

vi. What does the use of the phrase ‘Fuel innovation’ suggest in the context of the writer’s viewpoint about blogging. (1)

vii. How can we learn what techies are doing according to the writer? (1)

viii. What does the phrase ‘Put pen to paper’ suggest? (1)

ix. Analyse how techies’ blogging can be beneficial. State any two benefits. (1)

2. Read the passage given below.

The Covid 19 pandemic has nudged the educational institutes all across the world to adopt new age technologies and utilise the virtual zone to provide personalised, customised and a very creative learning experience. Now even as most schools are preparing to resume their offline activities, most of them are retaining the use of technology to achieve a holistic development of their students.

The pandemic has been a blessing for disguise for the education sector in many ways. It is reshaping the way teaching is conducted in schools. Due to the lockdown, schools were forced to experiment and learnt the use of technology to impart education due to which the education using technology and internet has become the order of the day.

Pooja Thakur, Principal of The Sriram School stated that future will certainly involve the blending of online and offline teaching techniques. “While the human element in education will never go away, all have seen the advantage of online learning. I believe that online education will continue in some form or the other even when the regular schools begins,” she informed. In a classroom where all students are sitting together, a teacher may not be able to address to the needs of every child. It is here where technology could work as an enabler.

Sample Paper Term 2 English Class 12

Kiran Manral, author, and mom influencer explained that content can be smartly blended online to provide quality education to the students. “With kids having access to smartphones and social media, regulation won’t help, unless you plan to smartly manage the content to deploy ten useful things to educate your child, she informed.

Though technology is a great enabler, the concept of physical school is needed to help the child grow. There are some social values like sharing, equality, or honesty or even skills like dance, music, or art, that a student would learn only in the school atmosphere. Also, the school would conduct physical education and practical training which would be difficult to understand in an offline medium.

According to Ketan Patel, MD, HP India the future of education will be a blended learning model. “We are now in a hybrid model of learning, which will continue in the long term. The incredible shift towards hybrid learning has enhanced the way students and teachers interact in a classroom. During this transition, teachers have also discovered unique benefits of hybrid learning – better quality life, higher efficiency, and more insight-based instruction delivery. I believe hybrid learning is here to stay and will enrich the learning experience and create a more efficient and effective learning model.”

Only 20 percent of the students in rural areas have access to smart phones and internet in the rural areas. The government has taken a lot of efforts in this regard to create an infrastructure to help the students, Major Harsh Kumar, secretary, NCERT stated that the government has been making efforts for providing education to children at their homes through alternate means, “The government has worked towards the delivery such as, distribution of textbooks at homes of learners, telephonic guidance by teachers, online and digital content through various media,” he said.

He informed that NCERT has already released an activity- based learning curriculum through the Alternate Academic Calendar. “For teachers who were finding it difficult to teach online, the NCERT has also launched videos for the teacher learning, ‘Major Kumar informed.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY SIX out of the seven questions given below.   (1*6)

i. What does the writer mean by ‘Blessing in disguise’? (1)

ii. What percentage of the students in rural areas do not have access to smart phones and internet in the rural areas? (1)

iii. Write any two benefits of Hybrid Model of Learning? (1)

iv. Briefly analyse the role of government in emancipating of literacy. (1)

v. Why was this survey on Online Education of students undertaken? (1)

vi. With reference to the figure given above, write one conclusion about teachers’ teaching online. (1)

vii. Identify a word from lines 1 – 9 that means ‘To push against gently’. (1)


3. You are Pankaj, residing in Delhi. Pathways World School, Delhi is going to celebrate its 38th Annual Function and extended an invite to you. Draft a reply of declination due to an urgency in not more than 50 words. (3)

4. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below.

A. You are Naveen/Arshi, residing at 504, Eden Gardens, Sector 26, Panipat. You come across the following classified advertisement in a local daily. Write a letter (Job Application) applying for the post of PGT English in about 120-150 words.  (5)

B. Twenty people were killed and more than 100 got injured yesterday when Pooja Express (Train’s name) derailed near Pathankot. Write a Report on Train Derailment in about 120-150 words elaborating the entire scene after the incident. You are Naveen/Pooja. (5)


5. Attempt ANY FIVE of the six questions given below, within 40 words each. (2*5)

i) With reference to chapter ‘The Rattrap‘, validate that Loneliness and Alienation can lead humans to pessimism. (2)

ii) People like Mr. Lamb are rare to find. Shed light on some of his traits that make him exceptional in the chapter ‘On the Face of It‘. (2)

iii) Gandhi turns down the frequently used proverb “A lone gram can’t bust the oven”. Justify with reference to the chapter ‘Indigo‘. (2)

iv) How did Evans manage to have a last laugh in the chapter ‘Evans Tries an O-Level‘? (2)

v) How is child’s perspective different from that of a child? Answer with reference to the text ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy‘. (2)

vi) How does Adrienne Rich manage to employ Transferred Epithet in her poem, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers? (2)

6. Attempt ANY TWO of the following questions in about 120-150 words each. (4*2)

i) ‘Anyone can be transformed if dealt with love, care, affection and given due respect’. How does Susan Hill’s ‘On the Face of It prove this statement right? Elaborate. (4)

ii) How does John Keats’s poem A Thing of Beauty take you to lap of nature and let the readers reside there? (4)

iii) ‘The Governor was good for a giggle’. Do you agree to this statement of Colin Dexter in the chapter ‘Evans Tries an O-Level ? Elaborate. (4)

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