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Ragging : An Evil

(By: Sachin Sharma)

Ragging is a kind of evil which has spread its wings even in educational institutes. It needs to be rooted out as early as possible so that the lives of innocent students, who become victims of it, can be saved. There is hardly any college where cases of ragging are unheard. Some ‘so-called’ senior students consider themselves superior to juniors and give juniors strange and embarrassing situations in order to make fun of them. If not followed, juniors are sometimes maltreated by their seniors to show off in front of others.

Ragging has given birth to enmity among students. One who becomes victim of it, plans to take revenge from the assaulter in any form. Therefore, we usually get to see that youngsters of our country that, they have been short-tempered and often lose their temper even on trifles. Even in some of the cases, victims are so humiliated that they don’t think twice before committing suicide. They not only end their lives but also their as well as their parents’ aspirations.

Supreme Court as well as high courts of India have taken this issue with a heavy hand and declared it as a criminal offence. Serious recommendations have been sent to all the colleges and universities to keep a hawk eye on such students who are involved in such malpractices. If any institution fails to comply with the recommendations of Supreme Court of fails to control such practices, their affiliation to UGC may be cancelled or a hefty fine can be imposed on them.

We need hardcore laws and officers who can help in eradicating such evils from our society. Besides, it becomes our moral duty not to disturb any student without any rhyme or reason especially in such cases where there is provision of punishment. Parents should also counsel their children and infuse such values in them which make them human not machines. Moreover, mutual understanding between seniors and juniors can also lead to the solution of this problem.

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