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Article on Obscenity in Web Series on OTT Platforms

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Web Series – Hub of Obscenity

( By : Shine Mehta ) 

Gone are the days when people had to watch a movie for three hours consecutively sitting in a chair. In this twenty-first century, people have switched themselves from outdated style of watching monotonous movies to mind-numbing and spine-chilling web series. During past few years, OTT (Over the Top)  industry has grown up by leaps and bounds. This industry is so famous that nowadays, every producer looks for releasing his/her movie to online platforms rather than relinquishing them in theatres.

On the contrary, the bitter truth is this industry has been a hub of obscenity. Every second movie on such platforms deals in such a content that is either not seeing worthy or  abundant with lewdness. We never know, whenever a lewd scene appears while watching a web series with our family and make us feel embarrassed in front of all. From lip-locking to sexual harassment, everything is served to us without our consent.

Since, internet is a non-restricted platform where everyone has access to the latest and uploaded content yet this is not, at all, good for our forthcoming generations to indulge into such nuisance. These web series are not only limited to vulgar content but also hurts religious sentiments. Many cases are filed everyday and producers are booked for disrespecting the national values and sentiments but all in vain.

The government must come into action and censor such salacity which is out of control now and reaching every home without fail. Besides, A stringent law must be made and enforced strictly in order to curb this open nudity in order to protect our values that were once instilled in us by our parents. 


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