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Brain Drain

( By : John Arora )

India is a developing country where there are innumerable well-to-do brains but they regrettably migrate to other countries for better opportunities and career gains.

The term ‘Brain Drain’ refers to the switching of proficient, civilized, highly skilled and educated individuals from one underdeveloped nation to other for better facilities and higher returns. At present, our country is in deteriorating state wherein our native talented youngsters are not ready to establish themselves in their own country rather they want to settle abroad for the sake of better living standards and high salaries being offered there.

The biggest drawback of brain drain is the exhaustion of pure-talent on our native land which affects the economy of the country badly. The GDP and Per Capita incomes sees a gradual decline due to it. On the other hand, the brightest minds and intellectuals are looking forward to migrating abroad in countries like The United States of America, Canada, Ireland and many more rather than serving their own motherland and contributing to society in its prosperity.

The chief reason of Brain Drain is bureaucrats’ inability to recognize the sheer talent, potential and their actual worth of individuals. Therefore, the country is unable to retain the creamy layer of researchers and people with impeccable talent. Besides, professional satisfaction and growth can be considered as valid reasons for brain drain in our country.

According to the U.S Medical Survey of 2018, one in every twenty doctors of this world hails from India which clearly indicates the level of talent devalued in our country. It clearly indicates how badly, we need to stop all this migration for the development of our motherland. 

To conclude than, government must look into this do the needful immediately to cease. Efficient and productive individuals should be paid highly along with their timely promotion. The government must put a full stop on nepotism, favoritism, and discrimination and government  provide fair remittance on the basis of the work. Moreover, the standard of education, working culture and provision of security must be raised in order to curb this malpractice.

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