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A Beautiful Mind is Better Than a Beautiful Face 

(By: Ritu Adlakha)

As Gautam Buddha said, “Rule your mind, or it will rule you.” It means that we have two choices either to rule our mind or get ruled by it. A beautiful face may help you to look attractive whereas a beautiful mind will help you to conquer the world for it is the most powerful weapon.

After innumerable researches, it has been concluded that external ‘Beauty’ is just a kind of rubber-necking but a real beauty is defined as the spiritual beauty of the person. We should not consider a person beautiful by his/her physical traits like complexion of skin, body stature and shape etc. rather we should admire person’s inner beauty which consists of kindness, gracefulness, compassion, humanity and much more. According to psychology, a person with a beautiful mind always has a bright side of  everything no matter what the situation is which help him to evolve tranquility, prosperity, better health and contentment.

The biggest example of  beautiful mind is better than a beautiful face is ‘The Mother Teresa’ , a humanitarian . She was from Ottoman Empire but came to Calcutta, India. She was never admired for her beauty but she was considered as a symbol of love, care, passion and selfless charity. Her only goal was to serve the nation without asking for anything in return. There is long list of such people that excelled in their lives with modest appearance and lifestyle.

A beautiful mind will always take you to the right way.  A beautiful face may provide us temporary relief and some short terms benefits like a little ease in interviews, a favour from our boss but a beautiful soul will help you achieve long-term and ever-lasting fame and contentment. With the natural process of ageing, our outer beauty will get dwindle whereas inner beauty of us will last forever. 

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