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Pressure of Board Exams

(By: Rahul Sharma)

Since many decades, examination process has been a constant source of evaluation of students’ performance in our country wherein they are assessed on the basis of their marks not on their knowledge and reasoning ability. Every year, students have to undergo various tests and board exams which determine their grades, performance & future too in our country. But, in reality, these board exams have aggravated this severe situation instead of softening it. Stress among the students of class X & XII is clearly visible nowadays.

From tiresome days to sleepless nights, everything can be seen in these kids’ life irrespective of their innocence and tender age. This stress among students has been increasing day by day resulting in depression and hypertension which can cost them dearly especially at the time of their exams. Even some of them don’t hesitate to commit suicide due to the pressure of not scoring well in their board exams. To combat this stress, every child should plan his study hours and implement it without fail. One should not forget that “Practice makes a man perfect” proverb and adhere to these words till one succeeds. Every students must emphasise on conceptual learning not being a bookworm. During the exams, parents should counsel their students and advise them to do their best instead of being the best in their class. They should be give healthy food to eat & healthy environment to live wherein they can share their dilemmas with their parents without giving second thoughts. With these points, every student can overcome his fear of board exams.

Always remember that “Where there is will, there is a way.”

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