Essay on Women Empowerment | Class 10 | Class 11 | Class 12 |


Essay on Women Empowerment | Class 10 | Class 11 | Class 12 |


Women Empowerment : A Dream to Foresee

(By: Tarun Kumar)

Women are the integral part of our country that is not only limited to bring up the children but also to contribute equally for the development of our country. They are such human bodies which are made of patience, tolerance, perseverance, strength and dedication towards their families. They play a dynamic role in each and every activity. Moreover, there is not even a single field left where they have not left their footprints whether it’s about opposition of Government in ‘Geetika Murder Case’ (An airhostess, Delhi) or their raising of voices against the rape of ‘Delhi’s Medical student’. We can clearly feel their presence in our life and figure out what we are without them.

However, in this male-dominated world, women have no option left except dealing with the problems which they come across on regular basis. They are better than men in all the areas and that cannot be denied by all of us. As per the data, 84000 cases were registered against the men for the sexual violence of women in 2014 which itself is a ‘Statistics of Shame’ for our country folk. More than 6 million female fetuses have been aborted in the last decade which shows our law and order and its delaying in the decision. Besides all these, 825000 cases or violence are still pending in our trustworthy said courts. These statistics show that how much developed we are in terms of oppression on women. In case of ‘Delhi Rape’ few politicians blamed the victims for their movement towards westernization and adopting western culture knowing that most of women who are victimized are either poor or illiterate by birth. So, rather than pointing out their incapability, they should amend such laws that not only protect them but also become medium of grave punishment for the doers.

When women can do all that is required for the enhancement and modernization of the world, why women are not much powered as compare to the men who still believe in disrespecting the women of our country and making us feel embarrassed. They are educated and aware of their own rights. Most importantly, they need not depend on their male mates to get their work done. They have emerged as supernatural power which knows no restriction and boundation and they are both mentally and physically able to respond. Now, the time has come for women to empower themselves so that every criminal may think twice before he comments or molests any of the women of our country. Apart from these, Govt. should step forward and run campaign for the overall awareness of women across the country. Through these alternatives, we can dream of liberation once again which is meant for both men and women equally.

Women empowerment will help all the women to come forward and understand their rights for their stability in this staggering male world. They will be more educated and aware of laws which they usually do not get to know till they die. In this way, they can feel empowered and live safer than ever.

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