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Addiction of Social Networking Sites

(By : Riya Mishra)

Social networking sites are web-based programs run through internet where people create their dynamic profiles in order to share what they exactly feel and exchange their views via chats, calls, video conferences etc. Some of the most popularly-known apps are; WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which connect not only billions of people across the world but help them remain updated of their surroundings.

Despite the fact that these sites are boon for human beings, they have their own limitations as well. We all know that  ‘Excess of everything is bad.’ Therefore, excessive use of social networking sites can make us lethargic, unproductive and procrastinators. Sitting for long hours, engaged with such sites, can give a steep rise to the quantum of headaches, backaches and many more diseases. It affects student’s academics adversely for they become prone to using the all day long and can’t resist their temptations of frequently logging in their accounts created on various platforms. Apart from all that, the obnoxious content present on such sites distract students’ attention to a different level resulting in loss of their academics precious time.

Freedom of speech, one of the fundamental rights of us, is often seen being misused at such platforms.  Netizens, without giving second thought, comment or write whatever they feel like to humiliate others. Consequently, a white-collar gentry or renowned celebrities have to undergo a irreparable mental harassment. Independent women  have to face incidents of body-shaming which causes depression and anxiety to them . Above all, the hike in number of suicidal cases has a close association with social networking sites for a long time. Even, youngsters who have hardly stepped out of their homes, can be seen shooting videos before committing suicides. These virtual platforms have created a very toxic environment for the teenagers where they are facing bullying, emotional distress and insecurity.

It has also emboldened the cybercrime since we all have updated our profiles on social media. Our personal information is no longer personal on those platform. Even an unknown person can take advantage of this act . 

To conclude that, if we use social networking sites wisely they are really a blessing whereas its excessive use can make us scourge and a life-time plague.

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