The Tragedy of War | Article | Consequences | Solutions | Conclusion |


The Tragedy of War | Preface | Consequences | Solutions | Conclusion |



Sakshi Yadav

The tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst.

It is well that war is so terrible, even so, some grow too fond of it, that feeling of sheer patriotism, adrenaline rush and action probably. There can be great satisfaction in controlling or overcoming one’s strong emotions, in living through adversity and danger, in experiencing willingness to sacrifice, the combat is baffling but the achievement renders immense satisfaction and the energy and power after that one victory is pure bliss, but that final state is contentment for one and devastation for another.

There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs, the unspeakable atrocities and ravages war wreaks is clean darkness, the end is only death, always death. The most prominent is what the military suffers, a million will die this side and so will they decease in the opposition, those who go at war perish and lose the most and so do their families. The trauma, emotional and psychological stress and suffering of civilian population is a legacy that war carries.

999Effects of war include mass destruction of cities and a permanent, long-lasting effect on country’s economy, inflation, public debt, expenditure, etc. Countries dispute over power, hunger to be ‘the one power’ without considering the consequences on life, rights and order. The serious disruption to a country’s infrastructure makes it impossible for the economy to revive and function properly, the nation in a snap whirl’s back decades. The economic productivity of the country is deteriorated since the population shrinks due to the movement of refugees and displacement and naturally, the inevitable, death. The economic crisis the country endures lead to an increase in poverty which further accelerates the decline in education and this is toxic, poverty leads to illiteracy which evidently leads to poverty all over again, and escaping this vicious cycle is not impossible but definitely improbable and people tend to believe in impossible more than they will ever believe in the improbable, the mental status of war-ridden population makes it very demanding for a country to go back to its natural state. War contributes to environmental degradation excessively. The culture and heritage is destroyed, increase in looting and robbery, all in all crimes go up drastically.

At present, nations fight for land, for power, for wealth, to seize and acquire one another, one wins, another loses and it ends then, but eventually when the population will increase, resources per person will decrease, war will be a natural routine, humans will fight even for food and water, which are the basic necessities for life, then what, will the UN help? That’s earnestly hilarious. The hatred war inculcates in people just elongates it further.

Death is necessary to understand life and war is needed to realise peace but that doesn’t signify that wars are supposed to be carried out just for the nation’s sake. Wars can be avoided through diplomacy, arms control, norms and moral progress in diplomatic relations. People need to understand that war is not a sport, the lives it takes is a cost none can pay. War effects economy, politics, environment, country’s status as to where it stands but most importantly, war is a crime against humanity and cannot be forgiven in any case scenario.

If we don’t end war, war will end us.


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