The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse | William Saroyan | Class 11 |


The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Class 11 | William Saroyan | 

Summary of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Class 11 is all about two Armenian boys namely Aram and Mourad who belong to Garoghlanian family, famous for their honesty and trust for years.

When the chapter begins, we find a nine year old Aram waking up to the continuous tapping at the window. On opening the window, he finds Mourad (cousin) sitting on beautiful white horse. He has hard time believing his cousin sitting on a beautiful horse as they both belong to families which can hardly have two square meal per day let alone own a beautiful horse.

He suspects Mourad of having stolen the horse and even enquires about the same time and again. Mourad allures and offers him a ride on that horse. They both keep on riding that horse for a long time. Even Aram, the narrator, gets an opportunity to ride the horse but he falls down.

The narrator makes a special mention of crazy streak Mourad, who is the natural descendent of uncle Khosrove. Latter, is a big man with the largest moustache in Joaquin Valley. He is known for his anger as well as for his frequently spoken words “It is no harm, don’t pay attention to it.”

Having ridden the horse everyday, they hide him in the barn of a deserted vineyard owned by Fetvajin. They follow this routine for a long time till they realise their mistake and get feared of being caught red handedly.

That horse, stolen by Mourad, is owned by John Byro, a poor farmer who is very depressed because of his horse. He comes to uncle Khosrove, who rather than understanding him, takes a dig at him repeating his same sentence “It’s no harm, don’t pay attention to it.”

After riding the horse for two weeks, One day, Mourad and Aram come across John Byro on the way. The owner swears that the horse is his. But, on the other hand, he does not suspect them of stealing the horse because they both belong to Garoghlanian family which is famous for their trust and honesty for ages.

Finally, the boys leave the horse to John Byro’s vineyard keeping their tribe’s reputation in mind. John Byro gets the horse and goes to Uncle Khosrove again but latter once again shouts at him and says “It is no harm, don’t pay attention to it.” The turning attitude of the boys makes them more interesting. 



Important Questions/Answers

Q1. Why could Aram not believe his eyes when he looked out of window?

Ans. When Aram, a nine year old boy, looked out of the window. He found, his cousin sitting on a white beautiful horse. He could not believe his eyes because they both (he & his cousin) belonged to such a poor family that could not afford such a beautiful horse at any cost.

Q2. Who was uncle Khosrove? How did he irritate others?

Ans. Uncle Khosrove was a crazy streak who was a hale and hearty man with the largest moustache in Joaquin Valley. He irritated others with his ever spoken sentence “It’s no harm, Pay no attention to it.” Moreover, he had no respect for other emotions and sentiments which irritated the people.

Q3. Which tribe did Aram and Mourad belong to? What were they famous for?

Ans. Aram and Mourad belong to Garoghlanian tribe which was famous of its honesty and trust for years. They were proud first, honest next and after that they believed in right or wrong. None of them would take advantage of others let alone steal.

Q4. Who was John Byro? Why could he not suspect both Aram and Mourad for stealing his horse?

Ans. John Byro was a poor farmer whose horse was stolen by Mourad in order to make his dream come true of riding a horse. He could not suspect Aram and Mourad because they both hailed from such a tribe which could do anything except stealing. According to the farmer, the family could starve but not steal.

Q5. Why do you think, the boys returned the horse even though they were enjoying riding it?

Ans. Both Aram and Mourad were keen to ride a horse therefore, the latter stole it from the barn of John Byro. They had to return the horse because the owner of the horse had seen them with the horse. Apart from that, they didn’t want to be felt embarrassed by being called a thief. So, they left the horse to the presence of John Byro in his barn.

Q6. Why is Mourad called a crazy streak in thig chapter? Do you agree?

Ans. Indeed, Mourad was a crazy streak. According to him, he knew very well how to deal with others. He would always say “He has a way with” which makes him a crazy streak. He could go to any extent to make his wish come true.

Q7. What did people think of Mourad ? Whom had he inherited that craziness from?

Ans. Mourad was a lively child who was fond of adventures too. He was as crazy as his uncle was. His way of saying “I have a way” with makes him crazier and adds charm to his personality in this chapter. He had inherited that craziness from his uncle who had been famous for his dialogue “It is no harm, pay no attention to it.”

Q8. How were Mourad and Aram same as well as different from each other?

Ans. Mourad and Aram were cousins and hailed from same tribe i.e. Garoghlanian. Besides, both were crazy for horse riding. The thing that differed both of them was Aram was more honest and straightforward whereas Mourad had a streak of craziness. He could go to any extent to fulfill his longings as he did by stealing the horse of John Byro.

Q9. What was Aram’s experience of riding the white horse alone?

Ans. Aram had a longing to desire horse for long which was known to his cousin Mourad. When he saw, Mourad riding the horse, he expressed his desire of riding the horse. His wish was granted too but when he leapt on the horse’s back and kicked into its muscles, the horse snorted, went out of control and threw him down in the mud. Soon after, the horse disappeared which was, later, found by Mourad.


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