Essay on Earth Day | Our Responsibilities Towards Our Mother Earth |


Essay on Earth Day | Our Responsibilities Towards Our Mother Earth |

What is Earth?

Earth is the most densest planet of the solar system. It is the fifth largest planet and habitat for many creatures like us. It is the only planet where humans and other creatures can survive with the help of air, water & land. We have got a lot from it and it is our duty to return to it as much as possible. It becomes our moral obligation to protect our mother earth from all the dangers it has be it deforestation or global warming. We can grow trees, cut down the pollution, initiate afforestation and much more to save our ailing mother earth.

Earth Day Celebration

To show their gratitude to the mother earth, people celebrate Earth Day on April 22 each year. This day is a time to focus on being environmentally aware and appreciating the earth’s natural resources. The Earth Day was firstly observed in 1970. Since then, it has not turned up but continued to grow more popular with the passage of time.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

There are many ways to celebrate the Earth Day. Some activities, that people commonly do such as; reducing energy consumption, recycling materials, planting trees, and avoiding unnecessary waste, can be held to spread awareness among people . These things can help the environment and protect our planet’s resources. Many events are organized everywhere on the Earth Day. Some educational institutes like schools, launch a plantation drive with the help of students. Various competitions like speech, debate, extempore are held to make students aware of the ailing health and its consequences whereby they learning about environmentalism.

Importance of Earth Day

Earth day is actually an opportunity to introspect ourselves and think about the Earth. This is a special day to decide what we can contribute to cure it from its ailments. We must ponder once to preserve our natural resources and to bring an optimistic transition on our earth.

Happy Earth Day 2022

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