Essay on World Environment Day in English | Short Composition |


Essay on World Environment Day in English | Short Composition |

World Environment day is held annually on 5 June. This day is a chance to honour the natural world and all living things, to appreciate what we have and show our care for the future. World Environment day is a global festival of events where people can learn more about environmental issues, get involved in activities which protect the environment, and most importantly have fun! World environment day was first held on 5th June 1972.

World Environment Day asks people to conserve energy and protect the environment. It raises public awareness about how humans affect the environment and how everyone can help improve it. This day gives everyone a chance to get involved and take action to preserve the much-need environment !

World Environment day is an event that is celebrated all over the world. It reminds us of our responsibilities towards the environment and how we can make small changes in our lives to reduce our plastic footprint. This day aims at promoting sustainable living and give people the opportunity to contribute directly in creating a healthy planet.

Environment provides oxygen and air for breathing, it also helps in food production, gives natural habitats to plants and animals, maintenance of ecological balance etc. Protection of environment means protection of all these factors which are necessary for human life. Without proper care towards our surroundings we can not expect a better tomorrow. World Environment Day was started by UNO (United Nations Organisation) in 1972 with an aim to save environmental crisis by providing education about its grave consequences.

We must not forget that “We have not inherited this environment from our forefathers but borrowed it from our children”

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