Essay on Digital Technology | Short Composition | English | CBSE |


Essay on Digital Technology | Short Composition | English | CBSE 

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Essay on Digital Technology

Gone are the days when we had to resort to low-speed internet for browsing any website, wait for hours to send e-mails and to explore what we were looking for. The advent of digital technology has revolutionized everything be it making a video call or texting a message to friend today.

What is Digital Technology?

Digital technology is a tool that uses electricity to help us do things easily. With this technology, we can connect with anyone sitting anywhere in the world, sell things online, order food online, share our screens with each other, play games, watch movies and every other thing more quickly than ever before. Nearly every electronic device and machine has some part that uses digital technology.

Digital technology has made devices more compact, versatile, lighter, faster and easier. Now,  we can store a lot of information on these devices locally or remotely and move it around very quickly in a fraction of seconds.

Why To Be Digital?

With the passage of time and introduction of new engineering, it has been mandatory for us to be digital and stay updated with the latest apps, technologies, engineering and changes. By being digital, we can connect people socially, work remotely from anywhere in the world, cut down travel expenses, locate things and people and what not. Now the time has come to walk hand-in-hand with these technologies else we will lag behind.

Advantages of Digital Technology

It would not be unfair to say that digital technology has changed the way completely how we communicate, learn, think and work. Now, we have got tiny and compatible gadgets to store our plenty of information. These devices are not only easy to carry but available at dirt-cheap prices everywhere at every nook and corner of the society. 

During COVID, everyone had to undergo a lot of mental trauma due to complete shutdown of county. Every man of every section of the society went through the hell be it his imbalanced finance or massive cut down in his salary. But the best part of those rainy days was the advent of new digital technology that brought a gigantic transition in their life altogether. When the schools were shut and there was no way whereby students could communicate with their teachers and learn their lessons without going to school, there came a compatible and easy-to-use App named ZOOM that changed both the way of teaching and learning. Schools became online in few days and students, hardly, had to bear consequences of not being to schools regularly.

Digital technology saves time, money, energy and reduces stress if understood well. It offers a great number of opportunities and help human grow mentally and monetarily. Therefore, we must learn how to be digital and walk hand-in-hand with it for everything today uses computers in some way or another.

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