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Essay on Animals are our Best Friends

Animals have always been considered man’s best friend. No matter, what the situation is, they have always stood by humans in all the ups and down. Therefore, many people love to keep them as pets, spend time playing with them and taking care of them. It’s a widely-known fact that no body can be more truthful and honest than animals.

People and Animals have always been close and the Animals have not failed to meet their expectations. They have given us great company be it playing with us and helping us in our daily tasks. Although some of us may argue that it’s only a relationship of mutual benefit, yet we would never find an animal lying or deceiving us. Animals are always honest and loyal friends, because they do not know how to pretend nor even think about such a thing.

If there is one thing that has marked the history of Mankind it’s precisely the relationship between humans and animals. Since early times when we started domesticating them until now when almost half of Humanity keeps Animals as pets. From hunting dogs, donkeys and horses to cats and canaries: there is no corner of the world wherein they have not offered their services honestly.

These four-legged creatures don’t come in cuddly sizes but the love and affection they spread all around is unmatchable and can not be compared to any other person or thing. Some people are so fond of them that they give their animals humans name especially that they love the most. 

We must respect all the animals and treat them as we treat other creatures of this world. They must not be slaughtered just for the sake of food but given due respect and space they require. This way, we can maintain balance between both humans and animals. 

Anyone who has no feeling for animals has a dead heart.

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