Essay on Inspiration | Essay Writing | Short Composition | English |


Essay on Inspiration | Essay Writing | Short Composition | English

What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is when you feel like you want to do something, especially something creative. It comes from the Latin word “inspirare” which means to breathe. This is because inspiration literally gives someone a new set of breaths of life. It motivates them to take actions and accomplish their goals; not only that but inspiration also pushes people to do things they didn’t even know were possible before.  So, if we’re inspired we’ll be more likely to try something new and harder than we would on our own accord.

Where Can Inspiration Come From?

Inspiration can come from any where. For instance, inspiration can come from children playing at the park down the street. They may not play on a field where thousands of fans cheer them on with signs screaming their names, but they still find motivation and inspiration in whatever they’re doing. Perhaps the five-year old boy found inspiration in swinging on his swing set: “I want to do this for hours!” exclaims, as he swings high into the sky. Or inspiration to keep running around in circles could’ve come from the little girl saying “Look at me, Mommy!” as she tries to see how far she can run.

Why Do We Need Inspiration?

Everyone needs inspiration and motivation to achieve the goals of his life. Inspiration, if received from anyone, can help produce unbelievable results.  Many people look for inspiration and motivation from celebrities, athletes, motivational speakers and the like but inspiration and motivation can come from anywhere, even a TV show. a video game or a movie.

How Can We Inspire Others?

We can inspire others a lot by demonstrating by displaying someone’s reputation, strong character, determination, perseverance and behaviour. There is nothing more influential than this. Besides, there are many other ways to inspire others such as; by telling a motivational story, trusting & believing in them and challenging them. These are some of the way to inspire people. So keep inspiring others.


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