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Importance of Family | Give Some Time To Your Family | An Inspirational Story Of a Father|

Story of a Family

Once there was a businessman who remained busy all the time in minting (earning excessively) money. He was well-settled, good-looking and a pleasing personality but his only dream was to be the richest man of his city therefore he worked round the clock. He had no time for his family which consisted of an adorable son and beautiful wife. They would always complain of his busy schedule but he never paid heed to them.

One day, the man reached his home and rang his door’s bell. His wife opened the door but reacted as if no one were there and shut the door. Meanwhile, he entered his home and tried to talk to his wife but didn’t get any reply from her. His son, who was busy with his toys, asked her who was at the door. She replied that no one was there. Having Seen the reaction of his wife, the man was dumbstruck. He stood up, went to his wife and tried to figure out the reason of their strange behaviour of ignoring him but all in vain. On the other hand, his son was continuously asking his mother when his father would come and what he would bring for him that day. 

Soon, their land-line phone erupted, his wife picked up the phone and somebody told her that her husband was no more after meeting with an accident while coming back from his office. She started crying like hell and hitting her head against the wall. Having seen her cry and known the reason, her son also started rolling down little tears from his gentle eyes. But the man couldn’t believe all that for he was standing there with them.

Soon, came an ambulance and brought his dead body. When dead body’s face was unveiled, the man found that he himself was lying dead over there. He realised that he was no more. It was his spirit that was seeing all that crap. He started crying but no one noticed him for he was dead. He departed from there with a heavy heart as he could neither touch his family (wife & son) nor see them crying like that.

Now, it was the time to go to God for his settlement of deeds. He requested and pleaded God that he should be given one more chance to meet his family and tell them that he was going far away from them and he would never return afterwards. But God didn’t pay heed to his request rather he held him responsible for everything that was happening to him starting for ignoring his family even after having so much of vacant time and preferring money to every other thing which is no more his.

Having heard things from God, he realises his mistake, cries and closes his eyes remembering his little child who always wanted to spend time with him.

All of a sudden, his eyes are opened and he finds himself lying in the bed. He stands up and sees that his wife and child are playing outside. They are not crying anymore rather enjoying the company of each other. He goes to them, hugs them as tight as possible and starts crying.

He, soon, realises that he was only dreaming and nothing had happened to him. Now his wife and child could see him and he could play and spend time with them.

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Moral of the Story

We should prefer our family for they are our only assets. We may earn money anytime but family and their love will never come back again. So love your family and spend time with them before it is too late.

# Importance of Family in Life


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