Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude : Stop Being Negative |


Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude : Stop Being Negative | An Inspirational Story | Say No to Negativity 


Once there was a king who was very cruel and narrow minded. He always thought ill of others and often suspected his subjects and punished them without any rhyme or reason. Therefore, everybody wanted him to die as soon as possible so that they could get rid of his atrocities.

Once, he was on his way to the market with his dewan wherein he saw a rich merchant who dealt in sandalwood (Chandan ki Lakdi) and was considered to be the richest merchant of that town but he was indebted and going through the toughest recession in his business. Being jealous of that merchant, he called his dewan and said that he wanted to hang that merchant as soon as possible. Dewan wondered and wanted to know why the Maharaja wanted to kill that merchant but dared not ask him the reason for he was the king and the results of interrogation could be disastrous and lead him into hot water.

When the Maharaja left, he decided to go to the shopkeeper as a commoner not as a dewan lest the latter should have any hesitation while talking to him about the king. He went to that shopkeeper and bought some sandalwood from him. While talking to the shopkeeper, he tried to figure out what the shopkeeper thought about his business and his king who ruled his town.

The shopkeeper said that he was indebted out and out and could hardly arrange two square meal per day for his family due to the recession. When asked about the king, shopkeeper said that he was waiting for the king to die as soon as possible so that his minions could buy a lot of sandalwood in order to burn him with that wood. He also added that in this way he would be able to sell his sandalwood and earn enough money to meet his both ends.

Dewan understood that they both were pessimistic and thought ill of each other without even knowing each other. He took his sandalwood from the merchant and went to the King. He lied to the Maharaja, handed over that little sandalwood the Maharaja and told him that it was a gift on the merchant’s behalf to the excellency. The Maharaja was dumbstruck how the merchant could be so positive and kind-hearted about him even though he was quite negative about him.

Having been impressed, he called his dewan and gave him some golden coins and ordered him to hand in those coins to that merchant since he was impressed with the shopkeeper. Dewan went to the shopkeeper and gave all the golden coins to latter saying that was a token of love on behalf of Maharaja. The shopkeeper was also astonished and impressed that he did not want that Maharaja to die then. In this way, both started thinking positively of each other and that could happen because of the dewan who brought optimism to both of their lives with the help of his brain.

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We should bot have pre conceptions about others until we meet and know them personally. If any, we should go to that person and discuss rather that keeping such negativities in our mind.


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