Have Faith in God | Inspirational Story of a Lawyer | Story That Motivates |


Have Faith in God | Inspirational Story of a Lawyer |


Have faith in God :Once there was a Lawyer who had successfully won a difficult and law case for his rich friend. Having won the case, his friend, who had won the case, invited his lawyer friend to his home in order to express his gratitude for he had done his level best and not left any stone unturned in turning impossible into possible.

After they had a healthy discussion, his well-off friend handed him a leather wallet which was extremely costly and imported from abroad for his invaluable services. Besides, he thanked him from the bottom of his heart for standing by him in the most difficult of times. The lawyer who was expecting more, having looked at the wallet was taken aback. Without giving a second thought and being dissatisfied with what he had got, he stood up and started demanding more stating that he wanted his fee for the case not that wallet imported from abroad.

He also added that the wallet could not compensate him for his work and insisted on getting money instead of that piece of leather. He said he wanted his fee either in cash or by cheque not that wallet. Having seen that much of pessimism from his one of the best friends, his rich friend got disheartened. Ultimately, he decided to wind up the conversation for he did not want to be more humiliated that that. He stood up, snatched the walled from his friend, opened the wallet, removed 50 thousand rupee (kept in the wallet), replaced it with a two thousand rupee note and handed it back to the lawyer with a smile as a fee.

The lawyer got shocked to know that his friend was paying him more than what he deserved along with a leather wallet.

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We should always have faith in our friends whatever they do. Never doubt the credibility and integrity of your friends.


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