Everything Happens for a Good Reason | An Inspirational Story |


Everything Happens for a Good Reason | An Inspirational Story |


Once there was a king who lived his life lavishly & cherished all his moments. He had a dewan that always stayed with him round the clock in all his ups and downs & kept his all aspirations and needs in mind. One day, while playing with his sword, the king loses one of his fingers and starts bleeding. Seeing him bleeding and in pain, his dewan consoles him saying that the king need not worry ‘Whatever God does, does for betterment’. Having heard him speaking like that, the king gets infuriated and orders his army to arrest dewan for his misconduct. Therefore, dewan is sent behind the bars till he dies.

After few days, the king goes to a forest for hunting a tiger where he is abducted (kidnapped) by some of the local inhabitants (Aadivasis) of that forest. He is taken to a cave where he is tied and ordered to be killed in order to please goddess ‘Kali Maa.’ Before killing him, they all search him thoroughly and find that one of his fingers is amputated. Finding him deformed, they leave him and let him go without killing (as they had a rule that they never killed any deformed person). Then the king commemorates his dewan’s words that ‘Whatever God does, does for betterment.’

He goes to his dewan, kneels and apologizes for his ill behavior. The dewan forgives Maharaja and asks him to forget what had happened followed by a statement that ‘Whatever God does, does for betterment.’  The king asks him why he is so calm and composed even after being kept behind the bars for such a long period. Dewan replies that if he had gone to forest with him, the ‘Aadivasis’ would have killed him instead of the king as he was not deformed. Having heard the explanation, the king finally realizes ‘Whatever God does, does for betterment.’

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We should always stay happy for everything we have or happens to us. We should not criticize God for every bad thing happens to us. Always remember that ‘Whatever God does, does for betterment.’


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