Heart Touching Story Mother’s Love | An Inspirational Story |


Heart Touching Story Mother’s Love | An Inspirational Story |

Heart Touching Story Mother’s Love

Heart Touching Story Mother’s Love : Once there was a fatherless child who was always mocked and ridiculed by his friends due to his mother who was not only poor but also blind. They would call his mother ‘blind’ time and again which made him humiliated in front of them. His mother who worked as a maid, tried her level best to make their body and soul together. She washed dishes in others’ houses and saved every penny so that she could make her son’s future bright. On the contrary, her son had started hating her as she was the only reason of his mockery among his friends. He did not talk to his mother, avoided her as much as possible and felt ashamed of calling her mother but his mother never mind.

As the time rolled by, she sent her child to one of the good colleges to complete his further education. Her son studied whole heatedly and soon completed his studies. Having completed his studies, he got placed in a multi-national company abroad with a very good package. In spite of taking his mother along with him, he left her alone and started living high-end life after getting married to a well-off girl over there. He was so selfish that he he didn’t even invite his mother to his marriage, keeping in mind, that people would make fun of her blindness and poverty.

One day, his helpless mother, who was desperate to meet her son for she had not seen him for many years decided to meet him in his house after taking his address from one of his friends. She somehow reached his house and asked the guard to let her meet the son. The guard, being suspicious, talked to her son on phone and made him aware of the fact that an old woman in filthy clothes had been waiting outside his block for him but he refused to meet his mother and ordered the guards to send her back with an excuse that he was not at home. She, being very old and tired, started crying over there and kept on requesting them to let her meet him for a long time. When forbidden again and again, She handed in a letter to the guards and asks them to hand over it to her son but all went in vain. Finally, she decided to leave his house with loads of tears in her eyes.

The moment she stepped out of her son’s society, she was run over by a car and she succumbed to her injuries on the spot. Having heard the loud noise of the people gathered over there, the son who was not ready to come out to meet his mother, came out and saw that it was his old mother who had met with an accident and died. He had not even a flick or remorse till he found her fist clenched. He opened it and found a letter in it written in jagged letters.

He got very emotional after reading the content and started crying over there. The letter had following words written in it.

“I love you my son a lot and wish for your better life and future. I just wanted to see you for the last time and tell you one thing that when you were 3 year old, you were very mischievous. One day while playing on the road, you had met with an accident and lost your both of eyes. At that time, I had donated my eyes to you so that you can see this colourful vibrant world and enjoy every moment your life to the fullest. I love you a lot and want to meet you for the last time.”

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You can regain every other thing in this world but nothing like a mother. Respect her and never let her cry because of you.


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