Values Matter a lot | An Inspirational story | Story of a Thief |

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Values Matter a lot | An Inspirational story | Story of a Thief |


Once there was a school boy who was addicted to stealing his classmates’ objects like pencil, eraser, sharpener etc. He would steal one thing or the other everyday from his class and narrated the whole thing to his mother merrily. His mother, rather than discouraging him, patted his back and advised him to continue his efforts. On the other hand, he continued his thieveries and getting heaps of praises on his every so-called achievement on behalf of his mother. Being a avaricious mother, she advised him to go for bigger thieveries than he did in his recent past. Getting optimistic inspiration from his mother, he one day stole his teacher’s cell phone and brought to his home. He thought his mother would scold him for that but he was once again pated for the same. The boy soon became a professional thief. From pickpocketing to robberies, he committed everything he liked and in return, he was always supported by his mother for his misdeeds.

One day, he goes to rob a family where he murders a man when protested. He is soon hauled up by the local police and produced before magistrate wherein he admits and confessed all the heinous crimes, thieveries and his misdeeds. Consequently, he is pronounced death penalty by the court for what he did. He starts crying on the spot and folds his hand before the magistrate to lessen his punishment but denied.

Soon comes the day of judgement ! He is asked for his last wish wherein he expresses an ardent desire to see his mother for the last time. On his request, She is called and allowed to meet her son before all the proceedings. Having seen her son, she starts crying and pleads the officers to leave her son but all goes in vain. She is only permitted to have a last word with her son kept behind the bars.

Her son asks her to come closer the bars for he wants to say something in her ear. The moments she moves inches closer and tries to talk to him, he bites her ear as hard as he can. She starts bleeding and yelling at her son for being so cruel and ruthless. Being emotional too, she asks him the reason of this brutality. 

The boy starts crying and replies that if she had slapped him on the very first day of his stealing when he stole his friend’s eraser, he would have never neither been a thief nor a murderer. Her encouragement and pats made him what he could have never been in his life.

Having heard all this, his mother starts crying and realises her mistake of favouring her child.


Never encourage the misdeeds of others.

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1.      Respect your Parents

2.      Be Honest to your Work

3.      Have Faith in Others

4.      Stop Being Negative

5.      Realise Your Worth

6.      Everything Happens for a Reason

7.      Love Your Mother

8.      Hone Your Skills Daily

9.      Family is Important

10.    Be positive

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