Never Judge Anyone | An Inspirational Story | Story That Motivates |

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Never Judge Anyone | An Inspirational Story | Story That Motivates |


Once a young boy met with an accident. His father rushed him to the hospital where he found no doctor at work. He called the ward boy and angrily asked him to call the doctor immediately. Hearing the emergency, doctor rushed to hospital as soon as possible. The moment he stepped into the hospital, father of the injured boy started yelling at him and accused him of being late and negligent. The doctor advised him to keep calm and let him do his work(surgery) but the father did not stop. He kept on calling him careless and reckless. Infact he said what if his own son had met with an accident, would he have done the same thing.

The doctor avoided him and entered the operation theatre. He called the nurse standing by and asked the reason of doctor’s being so rude and arrogant. The nurse said that the own son of doctor died yesterday in an accident. She adds that when she called the doctor, he was in his own son’s funeral but when the doctor was informed about your son’s condition, he left the funeral and came to save your son’s life.The man was speechless, he was ashamed of himself for judging sombody. The doctor came out of the theatre, he knelt down infront of him and cried his heart out.


Never judge anyone without putting yourself in his shoes.


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1.      Respect your Parents

2.      Be Honest to your Work

3.      Have Faith in Others

4.      Stop Being Negative

5.      Realise Your Worth

6.      Everything Happens for a Reason

7.      Love Your Mother

8.      Hone Your Skills Daily

9.      Family is Important

10.    Be positive

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