Hone Your Skills Daily : An Inspirational Story 

Skills Improvement

Once there was a woodcutter who was unemployed for many years. He would walk from post to pillar in search of job but all went in vain. It was being impossible for him to earn two square meals per day and to feed his family. One day, he found a job at a sawmill wherein he was told to cut trees by the owner of that mill. Since, he had not worked for years, he showed his fury and rage on those trees and cut down ten (10) trees in a day with his onle axe. The employer was impressed because rest of his employees could only cut two or three tress in day but he had managed to reach the tally of ten on his first day. He got him wages for that day along with incentives and told him to come on the following day for the same work. Everyday, he would go and cut as many trees as he wanted with his axe.Everytime, the employer would pat on his back and advised him to continue the same work. With in few days, he came in good books of his boss for his exceptional work. But, one day, he went to the forest and managed to bring only 8 trees. In fact, his performance got deteriorated day by day and finally a day came when he could not even cut a single tree. He got very disappointed, his confidence level went to the bottom. In short, he was not able to figure out the root cause of his problem. Finally, after few days, he decided to quit his job as he thought he was unable to give his level best. He went to the owner of that sawmill and requested him to settle his account. His employer, seeing the woodcutter in gloom, called him forward and said, Dear John(his name), “Let me tell you about the root cause of your problem. There is no doubt that you are extermely talented and enthusiastic for your work. But you were so busy in cutting those trees that you forgot to sharpen your axe till it got blunt. Therefore you could not match up with your targets you set for the day. ”

So, we learn from the story that we should hone (sharpen) our skills (axe)  daily lest we should have to face failure in future. We should not run after success rather we should enhance our skills that matter a lot.

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