Never be Pessimist | Be Optimistic | An Inspirational Story of a Positive Man |


Never be Pessimist | Be Optimistic | An Inspirational Story of a Doctor |


Once there was a lady who had to go abroad on her business trip. She was in haste, therefore she drove to airport hurriedly skipping her breakfast for she did not want to miss her flight. Therefore, She decided to keep a packet of biscuits in her handbag so that she could eat one or two in case she needs something to eat. She reached the airport in time and started waiting for her flight in the lounge. While she was sitting over there, a well-dressed, good-looking man came and sat beside her. He seemed to be highly educated as if he were the CEO of a multi-national company. Probably, he too, was waiting for his flight.

Being hungry, the lady lifted a biscuit from the packet (Kept between the man and her) and started munching it without even asking the man (sitting beside her) if he wanted to eat or not. The man also picked up a biscuit from the same packet and started eating it. The lady was amazed as well as infuriated to see the awkward response of his picking up the biscuit from her packet without even asking. She got offended and started murmuring something or the other but the man, without retaliating, smiled at her.

In order to test the man again, she picked up another biscuit, and decided to lambast the man if this he picked up another. But to her surprise, the man took one more biscuit which made her mad of a kind. She stared at the man but he responded her with a million-dollar smile. 

The lady stood up and started yelling at the man calling him an ill-mannered and vulgar. She even suspected him of being educated.  She kept on shouting at him and speaking whatever struck her mind but the man continued smiling at her. Soon, an announcement was made and the man rose to catch his flight leaving the lovely lady murmuring.

All of a sudden her phone, kept in her purse, rang. She unzipped it in order to take her phone out. In her pursuit, she found the packet of her biscuits in it. She hanged her head dejectedly and realised her mistake that it was she that was eating from that man’s packet not the man eating from her packet.

She regretted a lot on her being loud and angry aimlessly with the man.


Never judge other without knowing their perspective. Be optimistic not pessimistic.


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