Respect Your Parents | An Inspirational Story of a Father and Son |


Respect Your Parents | An Inspirational Story of a Father and Son 


Once there was a father who loved his son a lot. He was a teacher by profession and usually remained busy in his school’s work but never forgot to pay heed to his only son. One day, while he was teaching his son at home, a crow came and sat on their roof’s top. The son enquired what that was. His father told him about the crow and its looks altogether. Son being inquisitive, kept on asking more and more questions again and again about that bird. To his surprise, his father, without being angry and impatient, told him the same thing till the son was contented.

With the passage of time, his son started growing taller and stronger day by day. Every day, he was counselled by his father about what was right for his career and what was not. Finally, he succeeded in his life and appointed as a senior officer in Education Department of his state. On the other hand, his father started losing both his listening and hearing ability for he was undergoing again and growing older day by day.

One day, father asked his son about the time by the watch. The son who was busy in his work, very politely, told him about the time. The father who was hard at hearing, could not hear and asked his son again to repeat. The son repeated it again. His father still could not hear that and asked him to say once again. Having heard his father asking for the time again and again, the son got offended and started abusing and maltreating his father calling him deaf. Seeing his educated son’s behaviour, father had tears in his eyes. He was startled to see the response of the child whom he had played in his hands. He was speechless and had no answer to his son’s anger.

Although he was unhappy with his son yet he called his son respectfully and asked him to do him a favour for the last time. He requested him to open his closet and bring everything that was kept inside that. When, his son opened the closet, he found a worn and torn register over there. His son brought and handed in it to his father who had tears in his eyes. His father made him sit with him and showed him the page whereon he had written the number of questions his child had put up when he had asked about the crow and told him how his father had answered all the time peacefully. His son had no words to speak but soon he fell down at the feet of his father, hugged him and apologised for being so rude.

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Moral of the Story

We should not disrespect our parents. The sacrifice they make for us, can not be measured. Respect and make them feel special before it is too late.

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