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Ten Signs of A Good Teacher

Teaching is considered to be one of the most noble professions that is poles apart from other professions of this world. It would not be unfair to say that it carves other professions and paves their way to success. It is extremely easier to be a teacher than being a optimistic and a great teacher. Frankly speaking, it needs a lot to become a good teacher, mentor and an influencer who can inspire others and bring optimism to other lives. Learning from a good teacher becomes an ever-lasting experience that is indelible and leaves . Let us tell you ten signs of a good teacher which can help you classify good ones from the rest of them. 

Researches before Teaching

If you want to find out how good a teacher is, just figure it out how much one reads and how much time one invests in one’s researches. A good teacher always researches the facts before he/she steps into a class and then commences his teaching. You will never find him ill-prepared and monotonous. He/She has a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in his mind which are to be put up anytime or in between the class by his/her students. He prepares himself/herself mentally for his/her class much before he enters the class.

Never Teaches from the Book

You will never find a good teacher teaching from a book. With the passage of time, most of the content being taught for years, gets stored in a good teacher’s mind that he/she can replicate easily in a matter of few minutes. A good teacher can never be great at rote learning or cramming the things.

Welcomes Students’ Perspective

A good teacher not only imparts high-quality education to his pupils but accepts and understands their perspective too. He/She is not at all adamant but open to queries/questions and conclusions offered by students in the class rather than sticking to his/her own interpretations and examples set in the class. A good teacher provides opportunities to his/her students at every stage of their life for their eternal growth.

Rejoices Teaching

Another trait of a good teacher is, he/she enjoys teaching in the class, uses vivid methods and sets examples to make it more interesting for students so that they can understand better. He/She never promotes rote-learning but help students making their own perspective. Therefore, they start building their perspective and consequently become good decision-makers in life.

Instills Confidence

A good teachers instills confidence in his/her pupils and never lets them down. He/She finds ways to praise them for what they do in the class. His/Her consistent motivation makes learners feel good and work better. This quality of a teacher makes him top-notch and sets him/her apart from others.

Communicates Well

Communication is an essential part of every profession. The most-sought trait of good teacher is that he/she communicates well with the pupils he/she teaches. A good teacher communicates well what he has in his mind and make students understand easily. He/She selects apt words/phrases that can be easily understood by his/her disciples. It is often seen that great teachers are great communicators.

Listens Well

Listening is an art that gets inculcated with the passage of time. A good teacher not only communicates well but listens to his/her pupils as well. Having listened to them, one can easily conclude how his students think and what they want to learn. Listening to students help building bond between them and makes their relationship stronger.

Keeps Students Engaged

Another trait of a good teacher is, he/she keeps his students engaged through his examples, case studies, real-life experiences, vivid expressions and much more. He/She will never let you feel bored and always find new ways to keep you busy in the classroom. 

Empathizes With Students

Learning from a good teacher can be a blessing for students. A good teacher always keeps himself/herself in students’ shoes before jumping into any hasty conclusion. He/She understands the circumstances and act accordingly.  

Maintains Self Respect

A good teacher always maintains his self respect. He/She neither intervenes in others’ matters not lets any one else does in his/hers. He takes stand for everything he does and raises his voice whenever required. He/She never becomes too much friendly with his students and keep his personal affairs outside the class rather than disclosing them before students.

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