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Justice for Private School Teachers


Amid this horrible COVID-19 crisis, one of the segments that has suffered the most is the section of Private School Teachers. There is no doubt that the atrocities over the private school teachers have increased and their rights are being denied by the private schools’ managements. Private Schools Teachers from every nook and corner of the country are complaining that their salaries are being cut down from 50 to 70 percent despite working harder for more hours and putting in more efforts than taking offline classes. This cruelty has resulted in deterioration of their mental trauma and financial stress. Besides, some of private school teachers have been illegally terminated without validating any reason.

On the other hand,there are clear orders and instructions from the honourable Punjab and Haryana High Court wherein schools have been directed to pay their teachers wages in full. But the schools’ managements have turned deaf ears and decided to go against the rules and regulations made by the honourable courts of India. Consequently, private school teachers are left with no option than to bear with all the pain. They are keeping mum and for there is no other work for them to earn two square meals per day for their families.

It is the high time to raise the voice for private school teachers to get them their rights back. We request you to share your experience with us naming the school and the whole incident without worrying or giving it a second thought. We assure you we shall leave no stone unturned in supporting, publishing and bringing out all of your experiences and the pain borne by you.


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Do share this link with all the private school teachers who have been tortured in one way or the other and help them get justice.


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