Be Honest to Yourself | An Inspirational Story of an Honest King |


Be Honest to Yourself | An Inspirational Story of an Honest King |


Once there was an honest king who was growing older day by day. Therefore, he decided to elect his successor who could, further, rule the subjects of his town. He called all the youngsters of his town and handed in seeds to them one by one. Having given them the seeds, he told them to grow plants with the help of those seeds and declared that the one who grows the tallest plant within fortnight, will be declared the new king of the town.

All the youngsters left with their seeds and started working on the task. One of them, who was unable to grow even an inch of the plant, got depressed. He went to all the other boys and found that all of them had something to show to the retiring king after a few days except him. He sank in gloom ultimately as he had a fear of being ashamed in front of all in the royal court.

Finally the day came when they had to show their grown plants to the king and be the next king. They all were made to stand in a queue so that they could show what they had been doing with the seeds for 15 days.

Everybody came up with his plant but ignored by the old king. When the King found that there was a boy at the end who was trembling, he called him forward to show his plant. The boy apologised and accepted his failure saying that he could not grow anything. The King patted on his back and declared him the new king of their town.

Everybody was perplexed and taken aback to see the strange decision taken by the king. So they sought the reason for making that boy the king who was unable to grow anything. The king said that he had given boiled seeds to all of them which could not grow into plants. He added further that all the youngsters except him did manipulations to grow plants. Some bought ready-made plants from the nursery and some grew other seeds which were not given by him. But the one who failed to grow anything was honest to his job. Therefore, he should be the next king.

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  • Be Honest to yourself

Moral of the story

We should be honest to our work. We can’t be honest to anyone if we are not honest to our work.

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