Whatever Happens , Happens For Better : An Inspirational Story

Once there was a king who had immense faith in one of his ministers. He would consult that minister all the times before he took any decision. One day, he cut off his finger while sharpening his sword, he went to his minister and showed him the injured finger. To his surprise, the minister consoled the king saying that “There is no need to worry because whatever happens, happens for good”. Hearing those words, the king got angry and ordered him to be sent behind bars. His instructions were followed by his slaves and one of his most favourite ministers was thrown in the prison due to his unfavourable statement.

After some days, the king went on a hunt to a forest from where he was kidnapped by one of the notorious dacoits of that town. The dacoit wanted him to make a sacrifice of his life for the happiness of Goddess ‘Kali’. When, he was about to be killed, it was found that he is fingerless therefore can’t be made to sacrifice as it was a tradition of their community that one can’t be killed if any part of one’s body is amputated. In short, the king was saved because of his amputated finger.

He, hastily, went to his minister who had been locked up for many days and apologised to him for being rude. He thanked him & ordered him to be released on the spot. The king also narrated to him the whole scene (incident) of the forest. But, the minister repeated the same words which he had enunciated earlier “Whatever happens, happens for good”. The king was startled to see the minister’s reaction.

The king asked him what good was there in his being locked up for many days. The minister replied that if he had not been locked up, he would have surely gone to that forest with that king where the latter was kidnapped and if he had gone to that forest, the dacoits would have forced him to sacrifice his life instead of Maharaja’s life (as the Maharaja had an amputated finger but he didn’t have). According to him, Maharaja’s decision of sending him behind bars also saved his life.

Moral : Never get worried about anything, whatever happens, happens for better. Stay positive and happy all the time. No one can change your destiny, only you can.
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