Essay on Charity Begins at Home | Short Composition in English |


Essay on Charity Begins at Home | Short Composition in English |

The proverb ‘Charity Begins at Home’ means to first take care of yourself and family before worrying about others. It is important to help our family and acquaintances first before helping others. People who tend to help others but do not take care of their family members are actually not doing a good job according to this saying. They may be appreciated by some people, but they do not make their family happy.

Undoubtedly, helping others makes us happy. But, at the same time, we cannot be happy if our family is suffering and we are not there to help them. We must hold our responsibility solemnly towards our society and work for it but not at the cost of our family. 

We have been brought up and looked after by our family. Moreover, it is Our parents, who have been taking care of us since we were born. If we don’t pay heed to  them and not worry about what they want, we are not bring happiness home. We should stand by our family by listening and sorting out their problems before we work on changing the world. 

Having learnt the importance of this saying, we must teach our forthcoming generations to priortize their family to their social welfare. This way, we can make them responsible people and accountable to their families.

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