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Extracts of Silk Road | MCQs of Silk Road | Extract Based Questions of Silk Road

Extract 1

Now that we were leaving Ravu, Lhamo said she wanted to give me a farewell present. One evening I’d told her through Daniel that I was heading towards Mount Kailash to complete the kora, and she’d said that I ought to get some warmer clothes. After ducking back into her tent, she emerged carrying one of the long-sleeved sheepskin coats that all the men wore. Tsetan sized me up as we clambered into his car. “Ah, yes,” he declared, “drokba, sir.”

a) Name the chapter?
1) The Browning Version

2) The Adventure

3) Silk Road

4) The Ailing Planet

b) Who is the author of ‘Silk Road’?
1) Jayant Narlikar
2) Nick Middleton
3) Nani Palkhivala
4) Khushwant Singh

c) What is Kora?
1) Kind of Yoga Aasan
2) Practice of Medication
3) Practice of Meditation
4) A holy trip

d) Who was Tsetan?
1) Guide
2) Driver
3) Accomplice
4) None of these

a. Silk Road b. Nick Middleton c. Practice of Meditation d. Driver

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Extract 2

We passed nomads’ dark tents pitched in splendid isolation, usually with a huge black dog, a Tibetan mastiff, standing guard. These beasts would cock their great big heads when they became aware of our approach and fix us in their sights. As we continued to draw closer, they would explode into action, speeding directly towards us, like a bullet from a gun and nearly as fast. These shaggy monsters, blacker than the darkest night, usually wore bright red collars and barked furiously with massive jaws. They were completely fearless of our vehicle, shooting straight into our path, causing Tsetan to brake and swerve. The Sketch of Mount Kailash dog would make chase for a hundred metres or so before easing off, having seen us off the property.

a) Who are nomads?
1) One who roams here and there
2) One who has no permanent home
3) One who pitches his tent wherever he goes
4) All of these

b) Who would guard nomads property?
1) Tibetans
2) Tibetan Mastiff
3) Guards
4) None of these

c) What does the word ‘Swerve’ mean?
1) To sleep
2) To enjoy
3) Turn Sharply
4) None of these

d) What would happen when Tibetan Mastiff were aware of someone’s approach?
1) They would stop barking
2) They would be lazy
3) They would chase them off the property
4) They would sleep after feeling their presence

a. All of these b. Tibetan Mastiff c. Turn Sharply d. They would chase them off the property


Extract 3

Hor was a grim, miserable place. There was no vegetation whatsoever, just dust and rocks, liberally scattered with years of accumulated refuse, which was unfortunate given that the town sat on the shore of Lake Manasarovar, Tibet’s most  venerated stretch of water. Ancient Hindu and Buddhist cosmology pinpoints Manasarovar as the source of four great Indian rivers: the Indus, the Ganges, the Sutlej and the Brahmaputra. Actually only the Sutlej flows from the lake, but the headwaters of the others all rise nearby on the flanks of Mount Kailash.

a) What kind of place was Hor?
1) Cold and astounding
2) Hot and pathetic
3) Warm but ravishing
4) None of these

b) What does the word ‘Accumulated’ mean?
1) Collected
2) Piled up
3) Amass
4) All of these

c) Mansarovar is considered to be the source of?
1) Four islands
2) Four mountains
3) Four rivers
4) None of these

d) Hor is a small town of ….?
1) Japan
2) Tibet
3) POK
4) None of these

a. Hot and pathetic b. All of these c. Four rivers d. Tibet


Extract 4

Tired and hungry, I started breathing through my mouth. After a while, I switched to single-nostril power which seemed to be admitting enough oxygen but, just as I was drifting off, I woke up abruptly. Something was wrong. My chest felt  strangely heavy and I sat up, a movement that cleared my nasal passages almost instantly and relieved the feeling in my chest. Curious, I thought.

a) Who is ‘I’ in the above lines?
1) Jayant Narlikar
2) A R Williams
3) Vikram Seth
4) Nick Middleton

b) What made the narrator catch cold?
1) Long journey
2) High altitude
3) His carelessness
4) All of these

c) Find out the synonym of ‘Relieved’ from the following?
1) Tired
2) Relaxed
3) Astonished
4) Bewildered

d) Whom did the narrator consult for medication?
1) Tibetan doctor
2) Tibetan nurse
3) Tibetan compounder
4) Tibetan Dentist

a. Nick Middleton b. High altitude c. Relaxed d. Tibetan doctor

Extract 5

Tsetan took me to the Darchen medical college the following morning. The medical college at Darchen was new and looked like a monastery from the outside with a very solid door that led into a large courtyard. We found the consulting room which was dark and cold and occupied by a Tibetan doctor who wore none of the paraphernalia that I’d been expecting. No white coat, he looked like any other Tibetan with a thick pullover and a woolly hat. When I explained my sleepless symptoms and my sudden aversion to lying down, he shot me a few questions while feeling the veins in my wrist.

a) Where was the medical college situated?
1) Ravu
2) Mansarover
3) Hor
4) Darchen

b) What is a monastery?
1) A place for entertainment
2) A residence for religious community
3) A Shopping mall
4) A dormitory

c) Find out the synonym of ‘Aversion’ from the following?
1) Fear
2) Love
3) Warmth
4) Hatred

d) How did the narrator recover from his cold?
1) by proper medication
2) by exercising
3) by drinking warm water thrice a day
4) by descending Mount Kailash

a. Darchen b. A residence for religious community c. Hatred d. by proper medication

Extract 6

The town had a couple of rudimentary general stores selling Chinese cigarettes, soap and other basic provisions, as well as the usual strings of prayer flags. In front of one, men gathered in the afternoon for a game of pool, the battered table looking supremely incongruous in the open air, while nearby women washed their long hair in the icy water of a narrow brook that babbled down past my guest house. Darchen felt relaxed and unhurried but, for me, it came with a significant drawback. There were no pilgrims.

a) What shocked the narrator at Darchen?
1) Hundreds of pilgrims
2) Absence of Pilgrims
3) Absence of Norbu
4) All of these

b) What were women doing at Darchen?
1) Enjoying with families
2) Washing their feet
3) Washing their hands
4) Washing their hair

c) Find out the synonym of ‘Rudimentary’ from the following?
1) Fundamental
2) Incomplete
3) Undeveloped
4) All of these

d) What kind of products were the shops selling?
1) Indian
2) Chinese
3) Pakistani
4) Japanese

a. Absence of Pilgrims b. Washing their hair c. All of these d. Chinese

Extract 7

I didn’t think he was from those parts because he was wearing a windcheater and metal-rimmed spectacles of a Western style. He was Tibetan, he told me, but worked in Beijing at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in the Institute of Ethnic Literature. I assumed he was on some sort of fieldwork. “Yes and no,” he said. “I have come to do the kora.” My heart jumped. Norbu had been writing academic papers about the Kailash kora and its importance in various works of Buddhist literature for many years, he told me, but he had never actually done it himself.

a) Who is ‘He’ in the above lines?
1) Nick Middleton
2) Norbu
3) Tsetan
4) Daniel

b) Where did Norbu work?
1) In Beijing
2) In China
3) At a Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
4) All of these

c) What kind of body did Norbu have?
1) Slim
2) Fat
3) Undeveloped
4) Skinny

d) Why had Norbu been putting pen to paper?
1) Writing about Darchen
2) Writing about Hor
3) Writing about Kora
4) All of these

a. Norbu b. All of these c. Fat d. Writing about Kora

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