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Extracts of The Ailing Planet | MCQs of The Ailing Planet

Extract 1

For the first time in human history, there is a growing worldwide consciousness that the earth itself is a living organism — an enormous being of which we are parts. It has its own metabolic needs and vital processes which need to be respected and preserved. The earth’s vital signs reveal a patient in declining health. We have begun to realise our ethical obligations to be good stewards of the planet and responsible trustees of the legacy to future generations.

a) Name the chapter.
1) The Portrait of a Lady

2) We are not Afraid to Die if We Can All be Together

3) Discovering Tut, The Saga Continues

4) The Ailing Planet

b) Who is the author of Going Places?
1) Nani Palkhivala
2) Gordon Cook
3) A R Williams
4) Nathalie Divas

c) Who is declining in health?
1) The Sun
2) The Moon
3) The Earth
4) All of these

d) Find out the synonym of the word ‘Steward’ from the following?
1) Custodian
2) Keeper
3) Caretaker
4) All of these


a. The Ailing Planet b. Nani Palkhivala c. The Earth d. All of these

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Extract 2

In the zoo at Lusaka, Zambia, there is a cage where the notice reads, ‘The world’s most dangerous animal’. Inside the cage there is no animal but a mirror where you see yourself. Thanks to the efforts of a number of agencies in different countries, a new awareness has now dawned upon the most dangerous animal in the world. He has realised the wisdom of shifting from a system based on domination to one based on partnership.

a) Who is the world’s most dangerous animal according to the zoo?
1) Tiger
2) Lion
3) Human
4) All of these

b) What does the phrasal verb ‘Dawn upon’ mean?
1) Become clear
2) Become unclear
3) Become blurred
4) None of these

c) What is Zambia?
1) A state
2) A Union Territory
3) A Country
4) None of these

d) What should human do with nature?
1) Enmity
2) Partnership
3) Business
4) All of these

a. Human b. Become clear c. A Country d. Partnership


Extract 3

It has been well said that forests precede mankind; deserts follow. The world’s ancient patrimony of tropical forests is now eroding at the rate of forty to fifty million acres a year, and the growing use of dung for burning deprives the soil of an important natural fertiliser. The World Bank estimates that a five-fold increase in the rate of forest planting is needed to cope with the expected fuelwood demand in the year 2000.

a) What does the word ‘Patrimony’ mean?
1) An inheritance coming by right of birth
2) An inheritance coming by right of death
3) An inheritance coming by right of life
4) All of these

b) At what speed are the tropical forests being eroded?
1) Thirty to Forty millions acres a year
2) Forty to Fifty millions acres a year
3) Fifty to Sixty millions acres a year
4) None of these

c)Name the chapter.
1) Landscape of the Soul

2) Silk Road

3) A Photograph

4) The Ailing Planet

d) What fold increase is needed to cope with the fuelwood demand?
1) Two-fold
2) Three-fold
3) Four-fold
4) Five-fold

a. An inheritance coming by right of birth b. Forty to Fifty millions acres a year c. The Ailing Planet d. Five-fold

Extract 4

The rich get richer, and the poor beget children which condemns them to remain poor. More children does not mean more workers, merely more people without work. It is not suggested that human beings be treated like cattle and compulsorily sterilised. But there is no alternative to voluntary family planning without introducing an element of coercion. The choice is really between control of population and perpetuation of poverty.

a) What choice does the human have?
1) Control of population and perpetuation of poverty
2) Being rich or being poor
3) Do or die
4) All of these

b) What does the word ‘Sterlised’ mean?
1) Made fertile
2) Made infertile
3) Both 1 and 2
4) None of these

c) Who begets more and more children?
1) Rich people
2) Poor people
3) Educated people
4) Civilized people

d) What can stop perpetuation of poverty?
1) Control over population
2) Family planning
3) Voluntary family planning
4) All of these

a. Control of population and perpetuation of poverty. b. Made infertile c. Poor people d. All of these


Extract 5

There can be no doubt that the growth of world population is one of the strongest factors distorting the future of human society. It took mankind more than a million years to reach the first billion. That was the world population around the year 1800. By the year 1900, a second billion was added, and the twentieth century has added another 3.7 billion. The present world population is estimated at 5.7 billion. Every four days the world population increases by one million. Fertility falls as incomes rise, education spreads, and health improves. Thus development is the best contraceptive. But development itself may not be possible if the present increase in numbers continues.

a) What is the best contraceptive according to the author?
1) Destruction
2) Development
3) Domination
4) All of these

b) How much population increases every four days?
1) One million
2) Two million
3) Three million
4) Four million

c) What happens when income rises?
1) Fertility Falls
2) Education is spread
3) Health improves
4) All of these

d) What does the word ‘Contraceptive’ mean?
1) Protective
2) A disease
3) A medicine
4) None of these

a. Development b. One million c. All of these d. Protective

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