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Extracts of The Browning Version | MCQs of The Browning Version

Extract 1

Taplow: No, sir, I’m still in the lower fifth. I can’t specialise until next term — that’s to say, if I’ve got my remove all right.

Frank: Don’t you know if you’ve got your remove?

Taplow: No sir, Mr. Crocker-Harris doesn’t tell us the results like the other masters.

Frank: Why not?

Taplow: Well, you know what he’s like, sir.

Frank: I believe there is a rule that form results should only be announced by the headmaster on the last day of term.

Taplow: Yes – but who else pays attention to it except Mr. Crocker-Harris?

a) Name the chapter
1) Landscape of the Soul

2) The Browning Version

3) The Adventure

4) Silk Road

b) Name the author?
1) Terence Rattigan
2) William Saroyan
3) Shahid Ali
4) Vikram Seth

c) What is remove?
1) Result
2) Degree
3) College
4) None of these

d) What was special about Mr. Crocker Harris?
1) He declared the result beforehand
2) He declared the result after everyone had declared
3) He declared the result on the last day of term
4) All of these

a. The Browning Version b. Terence Rattigan c. Result d. He declared the result on the last day of term

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Extract 2

Frank: (sadly) Yes. We get all the slackers.

Taplow: (protestingly) I’m extremely interested in science, sir.

Frank: Are you? I’m not. Not, at least, in the science I have to teach.

Taplow: Well, anyway, sir, it’s a good deal more exciting than this muck (indicating his book).

Frank: What is this muck? TAPLOW: Aeschylus, sir. The Agamemnon.

a) What does the word ‘Slacker’ mean?
1) A lazy person
2) An active person
3) An agile person
4) None of these

b) Which subject was Taplow interested in?
1) Math
2) Social Science
3) Chemistry
4) Science

c) What is Agamemnon?
1) A Writer
2) A Play
3) An Artist
4) None of these

d) Who was Frank by profession?
1) Doctor
2) Teacher
3) Dance Teacher
4) None of these

a. A Lazy Person b. Chemistry c. A Play d. Teacher


Extract 3

Taplow: (imitating a very gentle, rather throaty voice) “My dear Taplow, I have given you exactly what you deserve. No less; and certainly no more.” Do you know sir, I think he may have marked me down, rather than up, for taking extra work. I mean, the man’s hardly human. (He breaks off quickly.) Sorry, sir. Have I gone too far?

Frank: Yes. Much too far.

Taplow: Sorry, sir. I got carried away.

a) Whom was Taplow imitating?
1) Frank
2) Mr. Crocker Harris
3) Mrs. Crocker Harris
4) Himself

b) What kind of personality was Mr. Crocker Harris?
1) Sadist
2) Strict
3) Forgiving
4) All of these

c) What does the phrase ‘Got carried away’ mean?
1) To be excited
2) To be moron
3) To be upset
4) None of these

d) What was Taplow doing at school?
1) Waiting for Mr. Harris
2) Waiting for Mrs. Harris
3) Making practical file for his class
4) None of these

a. Mr. Crocker Harris b. Strict c. To be excited d. Waiting for Mr. Harris


Extract 4

Taplow: Good Lord, no. He’s not a sadist, like one or two of the others.

Frank: I beg your pardon?

Taplow: A sadist, sir, is someone who gets pleasure out of giving pain.

Frank: Indeed? But I think you went on to say that some other masters.

Taplow: Well, of course, they are, sir. I won’t mention names, but you know them as well as I do. Of course I know most masters think we boys don’t understand a thing — but, sir, you’re different. You’re young — well, comparatively, anyway — and you’re science. You must know what sadism is.

a) Who is Sadist?
1) One who takes pleasure in giving happiness to others
2) One who takes pleasure in giving pain to others
3) One who takes pleasure in giving money to others
4) One who takes pleasure in making fun of others

b) Which subject did Frank teach?
1) Math
2) History
3) Literature
4) Science

c) What was Frank interested to hear?
1) Good about Mr. Harries
2) Ill about Mr. Harris
3) Good about Mrs. Harris
4) None of these

d) Which class was Taplow in?
1) Lower First
2) Lower Second
3) Lower Fourth
4) Lower Fifth

a. One who takes pleasure in giving pain to others b. Science c. Ill about Mr. Harris d. Lower Fifth

Extract 5

The door up right is pushed open and Millie Crocker-Harris enters. She is a thin woman in her late thirties, rather more smartly dressed than the general run of schoolmasters’ wives. She is wearing a cape and carries a shopping basket. She closes the door and then stands by the screen watching Taplow and Frank. It is a few seconds before they notice her.

a) How is Millie Harris associated with Mr. Crocker Harris
1) Daughter
2) Sister
3) Wife
4) Mother

b) What is cape?
1) An outer garment
2) A rubber band
3) A kind of footwear
4) None of these

c) Why had Mrs. Crocker Harris gone there?
1) To meet Frank
2) To scold Taplow
3) To enjoy in the school
4) To inform Taplow that her husband would be late

d) How was Mrs. Harris different from other schoolmasters’ wives?
1) She was thin
2) She was smartly dressed
3) She was good looking
4) All of these

a. Wife b. An outer garment c. To inform Taplow that her husband would be late d. All of these

Extract 6

Taplow: No, sir. I’m not. In form the other day he made one of his classical jokes. Of course nobody laughed because nobody understood it, myself included. Still, I knew he’d meant it as funny, so I laughed. Out of ordinary common politeness, and feeling a bit sorry for him for having made a poor joke. Now I can’t remember what the joke was, but suppose I make it. Now you laugh, sir. (Frank laughs).

a) In which language was the joke cracked in?
1) Spanish
2) Latin
3) French
4) Italian

b) Why did Taplow laugh at Mr. Crocker Harris’s poor joke?
1) Out of politeness
2) Out of compulsion
3) Out of anger
4) Out of humiliation

c) What could Taplow get about that joke?
1) Everything
2) Something
3) Nothing 
4) All of these

d) How did Mr. Harris appreciate Taplow?
1) Asking others to applaud for him
2) Asking others to curse him
3) Asking others to support him
4) Asking him to narrate his joke

a. Latin b. Out of politeness c. Nothing  d. Asking him to narrate his joke


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