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Summary of The Adventure

The Adventure Class 11 by Jayant Narlikar revolves around Professor Gaitonde who makes a transition to the parallel world after meeting with an accident. He narrates the whole incident which takes him to the past and make him notice strange and antique things over there.

The chapter begins with the journey of Professor Gaitonde who is travelling from Pune to Bombay by Jijamata Express, a train which was considered to be faster than the Deccan Queen. During his journey, he meets a man named ‘Khan Sahib’ who talks to him about his business and many other things. Then Professor Gaitonde gets off at Victoria Terminus station which was an unusual place for him but neat and clean. Besides he gets to see British officers, Parsees and Anglo-Indian staff all around doing their respective duties.The thing that confuses him about how the East India Company was ruling the country that time. Then, he visits Hornby and finds everything different especially the shop over there.

Later on, he gets into the Forbes building and inquires about Mr. Vinay Gaitonde  but fails to find out his whereabouts. Then he moves towards the library and asks for the volume of history was was written by he himself and goes through them one by one. Having gone through the volumes, he finds a little variation in the facts so what he tears the page and puts ‘Bakhar’ in his pocket in order to investigate how the history had taken a significant change. According to that volume Marathas had conquered the battle and spread their presence all over India. That history was slightly different from what he knew. Then came the trend of democracy and all the kings, rulers disappeared all of a sudden. New political parties set up themselves and all those things were entertaining the Professor.

Having kept the book in his pocket, he looks for a guest house wherein he can stay. Soon, he finds it and has dinner over the there. Having had his dinner, he moves towards Azad Maidan where he notices a multitude of people and a vacant presidential chair in a huge pandal. The moment he tries to sit there and tries to address the people, he has a face off with the people who throw tomatoes and eggs and throw him away.

Next day, he finds himself in a hospital bed and sees Rajendra in front of him. He narrates the whole event that took place with him. The Professor has a hard time believing that he had been in coma for two days and travelling no where during his stay in the hospital. To conclude all this, Rajendra Deshpande explains to him about Catastrophe theory and lack of determinism in quantum theory that how small changes in any situation can lead to a transition in one’s behaviour. He further explains the difference between the fired electrons which are hard to determine.

In the end, he concludes that the professor had been travelling to two different worlds at the same time. Actually, before his car collided with a truck, he was thinking of Catastrophe Theory and its role in the war, therefore his neurons acted as a trigger and made him travel to a different world which was poles apart from the real one. The Professor, apologizes to the sponsors of that program in the Azad Maidan. 


  • The Adventure Class 11

Important Questions/Answers

Q1. What unusual things does Professor Gaitonde notice when he gets off at Victoria Terminus?

Ans. Professor Gaitonde got to see British officers, Parsees and Anglo-Indian staff all around doing their respective duties. Besides, he noticed the presence of the East India Company and its offices which was hard to believe.

Q2. Why did Professor enter the Forbes building ? What does he get to know from the receptionist?

Ans. When Professor Gaitonde saw the Forbes building, he entered and inquired about his son. But, to his surprise, the receptionist told him that there was no one by the name of Vinay Gaitonde.

Q3. What change does Professor Gaitonde notice in the history book while reading the last volume?

Ans. While the Professor was going through the volumes of history written by him, he found different facts. He got to know that Marathas had won the battle and spread their influence all over India. He was taken aback after reading this strange fact.

Q4. Why does the Professor keep ‘Bakhar’ in his pocket before leaving the library? 

Ans. Having read all the strange facts, Professor was confused as the history had taken a sharp turn. In order to make others understand, he tore a page from one of the books and kept ‘Bakhar’ in his pocket.

Q5. What did the Professor notice in the Azad Maidan? How was he treated by the crowd?

Ans. After having his dinner, the Professor went for a stroll to Azad Maidan wherein he found a huge crowd and a vacant Presidential chair. He went to the stage and sat on that empty chair but he had to face a lot after that. People objected to his presence and threw tomatoes and eggs at him.

Q6. What did Rajedra Deshpande explain to the Professor Gaitonde about his transition to a parallel world?

Ans. Rajendra Deshpande told him that while he was going for his last address, his car met with an accident. Before his car collided with a truck, he was thinking of Catastrophe Theory and its role in the war, therefore his neurons in his brain acted as a trigger and made him travel to a different world which was poles apart from the real one.

Q7. Why do you think Professor Gaitonde apologized to the sponsors of the program in Azad Maidan?

Ans. According to Professor Gaitonde, he had created a lot of mess in the pandal at Azad Maidan by occupying the presidential chair and speaking at the dais. Therefore, he wanted to apologize to the sponsors. As a matter of fact, nothing happened like that.

Q8. What had actually happened with Professor while he was going to address?

Ans. While the Professor was going for his address at Azad Maidan, his car collided with a truck which led him to coma for two days. While he was unconscious, he traveled to the parallel world and noticed unusual things over there.

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