Summary of The Ailing Planet, the Green Movement’s Role | Class 11 |


Summary of The Ailing Planet, The Green Movement’s Role Class 11 | Nani Palkhivala |

Summary of The Ailing Planet

The Ailing Planet by Nani Palkhivala is all about the change in the perception of the people from a materialistic view to the ecological view of this world. According to the author, humans are now getting worried about the environment and the impact they have created on this mother earth. They have now understood that his earth is a living organism which has its own metabolic functions and needs as all other living entities have.

The author sheds light on the concept of Sustainable growth wherein he describes development as to meet the demands of the present, without compromising the needs of upcoming generations. He advises people to consider themselves as a partner not as a member of this planet in order to not let it deteriorate and ail. According to him, human is the only creature of this world who has created ruckus on this earth by destroying natural resources and spoiling the beautiful landscapes. Besides, he talks about the four principal biological systems that are fisheries, forests, croplands, and grasslands which supply raw materials to all the industries except a few. He shows his concern about the degradation of these systems and raises his eyebrows when talked about its repercussions.

The writer narrates how trees are being cut at a rapid rate and shares a significant data to show its deterioration. Moreover, he calls rising population a major threat which can leave people unemployed and change the perception of the people in future. He advises people to learn the definition of population which never meant ‘More population means more work’ but ‘More people means more responsibility and problems’

Few of the statements used in this chapter make a deep impact on the minds of the readers like “What goes under the pot now costs more than what goes inside it.” and “We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers but borrowed from our children.” In toto, the writer talks about the importance of our ailing mother earth and urges people to save it as much as possible.


Important Questions and Answers 

Q1. What is sustainable development? When was the concept of it popularized?

Ans. Sustainable development is an economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources. Its concept was popularized in 1987 wherein development was described as to meet the demands of the present, without compromising the needs of upcoming generations.

Q2. How has human brought a transition in himself? Elaborate

Ans. Human has always been selfish when it comes to nature. He has depleted most of the natural resources just to meet his both ends. But, no a transition can be seen among human beings as they have started preserving and respecting the natural resources which they used to deteriorate earlier. They have now become the partners in survival and understood the importance of their mother earth.

Q3. Who is the most dangerous animal of this world according to the writer? Why?

Ans. According to the author, the most dangerous animal of this world is human himself because of the ruckus he has created on this earth. This thing has been clarified in the zoo of Lusaka, Zambia wherein one gets to see himself in the mirror while looking for the most dangerous animal of this world. Actually, there is no dangerous animal there but mirrors that reflect their own images.

Q4. How can human handle this deteriorating condition of his mother earth?

Ans. Human can only handle this deteriorating condition when he starts taking care of all the natural resources as if they were his kids. He should respect the nature and protect the mother earth from the beginning of his life. In fact, it should be the part of his learning in schools. This way, our ailing planet and mother earth can be saved,

Q5. What are the hazards of ever-rising population on this earth? What can be done to control it?

Ans, Population has always been a debatable issue in a country like ours. This ever-rising population has not only led to starvation among the poor people of this country but forced millions to lose their jobs. The only way to control this problem is to plan our families and redefine its meaning to those who still think that “Many people mean more work and money”. Until these steps are taken, it will remain a troublesome issue for all the inhabitants of this world.

Q6. “What goes under the pot now costs more than what goes inside it”. Elaborate

Ans. The writer means to say that the fuel is getting costlier than the food nowadays. People have to spend more on the things which are required to cook the food than that of food which is cooked inside the basin. Besides, he holds human responsible for the depletion of all natural resources of this world.

Q7. “We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers but borrowed it from our children” Elaborate.

Ans. The author wants to make it clear to all the readers that this earth has not been inherited from our ancestors or forefathers nor we have any right to deteriorate it. According to him, we should have a joint partnership with nature wherein everyone should be liable to protect and cure it. Moreover, he reminds us of our upcoming generation who has equal rights to be the part of this beautiful planet and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and nature.

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