The Browning Version Class 11 | Terrence Rattigan | Summary |


The Browning Version Class 11 by Terrence Rattigan | Summary |

Summary of The Browning Version

The Browning Version Class 11 by Terence Rattigan is play which showcases a conversation between Taplow, a lower fifth-grade student and Mr. Frank, a science teacher from the same school where Taplow studies. Initially, we get to know that a student named Taplow  is sitting there to complete his extra work given by his teacher Mr. Crocker Harris as a punishment for missing one of the classes last week. He has been waiting there for his teacher to come for a long time when other teacher comes there and has a word with him. Frank asks Taplow the reason of being there and Taplow narrates him everything from scratch. Taplow, when inquired, calls Mr. Crocker Harris a strict teacher and hardly human who does not tell his students their result before the results’ day. He adds further that Mr. Harris has stated clearly that Taplow will get what he deserves “No less; and certainly no more”.

But, on the other hand, he shows respect towards his teacher saying that his is unlike other masters who take pleasure in others’ pain. He narrates how Crocker Harris had once cracked a Latin joke in his class which was not at all understood by all and sundry. But, he was the one who showed respect to him although he failed to understand what he meant. Frank, in the later part of the chapter, agrees that he is envious of Crocker Harris because of the way he beats and creates a negative impact on the mind of the students. According to him, Mr. Harris suppresses the children and goes to any extent to get his work done. Taplow admits all whatever is said by Mr. Frank but in spite of all this, he likes Mr. Harris.

At this point of time, Millie Crocker Harris, the wife of Mr. Crocker-Harris enters there and sends Taplow to a chemist’s shop with a prescription. At first, Taplow hesitates but later agrees when Mrs. Harris asks him that she will take the blame on herself. 


Important Questions/Answers of The Browning Version

Q1. What was Taplow doing in his school on the last day of his term?

Ans. Taplow was a student of lower fifth who had missed one of his classes last week. In order to get the work completed, his teacher Mr. Crocker Harris had called him to school. He had been waiting there for his teacher.

Q2. Who was Crocker Harris ? Why was Mr. Frank envious of him?

Ans. Crocker Harris was a strict teacher who was ,undoubtedly, honest to his work. He wanted every student to complete his work in time and not to skip any of his classes. Seeing his dominance and control over the  students, other teachers including Mr. Frank were jealous of him.

Q3. What made Taplow laugh at a poor joke made by Mr. Crocker Harris?

Ans. Once Mr. Harris made a poor Latin joke in the class which everyone failed to understand. In order to show his respect towards Mr. Harris, Taplow pretended as if he had understood everything said by his teacher. As a matter of fact, he could neither get the head nor the tail of that joke.

Q4. Who is sadist? Why did Taplow think that Crocker Harris was unlike other masters?

Ans. Sadist is someone who takes pleasure in giving pain to others. According to Taplow, Mr. Harris was unlike other masters who pretended to love children but enjoyed when beaten. Mr. Crocker Harris was a straightforward person who was not dual at all.

Q5. What did Millie Crocker Harris want Taplow to do? Why?

Ans. Millie Crocker Harris was  the wife of Mr. Crocker Harris and had a fair enough idea that her husband would get late as he was at Bursar’s. Therefore, she sent Taplow to a chemist along with a prescription to buy some medicines from there.

Q6. What made Mr. Crocker Harris different from other teachers?

Ans. Mr. Crocker was unlike other masters who would declare their results before the Result’s day avoiding the rules and regulations of the school. He would evaluate the students honestly and rewarded them with what they deserved neither more nor less. He was strict too when it came to academics.

Q7. How do you see Mr. Frank as a teacher?

Ans. Mr. Frank seemed to be fed up with his school and the subjects he taught there. He was envious too because students hardly paid any attention to him or his orders. Besides, he would love to see students making fun of other teachers.

Q8. “He is hardly a human” What does Taplow mean by this statement?

Ans. Taplow uses such words for his teacher Mr. Crocker Harris as the latter was not only strict but vigilant also. His knew that he would not get his remove if he refused to come to attend the extra class. Furthermore, he was known to the personality of Mr. Crocker Harris that he was not going to mark him extra for attending that class.


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