Extracts of Amanda | Class 10 | English | NCERT |

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Extracts of Amanda | Class 10 | English | NCERT |

Stanza 1

Don’t bite your nails, Amanda!
Don’t hunch your shoulders, Amanda!
Stop that slouching and sit up straight,

(There is a languid, emerald sea,
where the sole inhabitant is me—
a mermaid, drifting blissfully.)

Q1. Name the poem.

Ans : Amanda

Q2. Who is the author of Amanda?

Ans : Robin Klein

Q3. Who is commanding Amanda?

Ans : Her parents/elders

Q4. What does the word ‘Hunch’ mean in this stanza?

Ans : The word ‘Hunch’ means to round one’s back by bending and drawing the shoulder forward.

Q5. Which poetic device has been used in ‘Me- a mermaid’?

Ans : Metaphor

Q6. Find out a word from the stanza which means ‘Lacking spirit’.

Ans : Languid

Q7. What does Amanda want to do?

Ans : Amanda wants to swim peacefully in a big sea like a mermaid.

Q8. What are Amanda’s parents/elders trying to teach her?

Ans : Amanda is being taught essential manners to live a civilised life.

Q9. Find out the word from the stanza which means ‘In a happy manner’?

Ans : Blissfully

Q10. What is mermaid?

Ans : A half woman and half fist is called mermaid.

Q11. What does the phrase ‘Lone inhabitant’ mean?

Ans : It means an alone survivor at a place.


Stanza 2

Did you finish your homework, Amanda?
Did you tidy your room, Amanda?
I thought I told you to clean your shoes,
(I am an orphan, roaming the street.
I pattern soft dust with my hushed, bare feet.
The silence is golden, the freedom is sweet.)

Q1. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem ‘Amanda’?

Ans : AABA

Q2. What does the word ‘Orphan’ mean in this extract?

Ans : A child who has lost both parents is called orphan.

Q3. What is being enquired from Amanda in this extract?

Ans : Amanda is being asked whether she has finished her work, tidied her room and cleaned her shoes or not.

Q4. Who is Amanda?

Ans : Amada is a little child who is incessantly commanded by her elders.

Q5. Which poetic device has been used in ‘Silence is golden’?

Ans : Metaphor

Q6. Which poetic device has been used in ‘Freedom is sweet’?

Ans : Metaphor

Q7. What does the phrase ‘Bare feet’ mean?

Ans : It means without shoes/footwear.

Q8. How does Amanda make designs/patterns?

Ans : She makes designs/patterns with her bare feet on the soft dust.

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Stanza 3

Don’t eat that chocolate, Amanda!
Remember your acne, Amanda!
Will you please look at me when I’m speaking to you,

(I am Rapunzel, I have not a care;
life in a tower is tranquil and rare;
I’ll certainly never let down my bright hair!)

Q1. What does the word ‘Acne’ mean?

Ans : It means pimple.

Q2. What kind of sentence is ‘Don’t eat that chocolate, Amanda!?

Ans : Exclamatory

Q3. Who is Rapunzel in the poem Amanda?

Ans : Rapunzel is a fictional character of Greek mythology. She was a ravishing princess who was taken in possession by force by a witch and locked up in a tower which had no door in it.

Q4. Which poetic device has been used in ‘I am Rapunzel’?

Ans : Metaphor

Q5. What does the word ‘Tranquil’ mean?

Ans : It means Peaceful.

Q6. Which does the phrasal verb ‘Let down’ mean?

Ans : It means to disappoint.

Stanza 4

Stop that sulking at once, Amanda!
You’re always so moody, Amanda!
Anyone would think that I nagged at you,

Q1. What does the word ‘Sulking’ mean?

Ans : It means to display one’s displeasure.

Q2. What is the speaker concerned about?

Ans : The speaker is concerned about her image in the eyes of others. She thinks people will consider him/her who worries about Amanda persistently.

Q3. What is the theme of the poem ‘Amanda’?

Ans : The theme of this poem is ‘Children are Innocent‘.

Q4. What is the irony in the poem ‘Amanda’?

Ans : The irony in this poem is parents of Amanda are not ready to understand her knowing that she is at a tender age and needs time to understand the things in a better way.


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